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Saturday, July 02, 2011

A Nice Long Weekend...

Of course, for me that means working at the cutting table and sewing machine (not to mention the ironing board!)...but then again, there are rewards for this, you know? Rewards like:

A Mera and a Kerri bag for the National Capital Cat Show...

And another Kerri bag for the cat show with a set of baglets and a checkbook to coordinate. While I was at it, I also pulled fabrics from stash for more baglet sets. The stash fabrics are about evenly split between cat and "other" fabrics - like the coffee set above that also got made today.

I was really tired when I turned off the lights in the sewing room at 10pm and came upstairs. My intention was to sit with my Nook, read a bit, and knit on my Blue Denim Rag-style sock (it's Paton's Kroy which I've not used before)...I set everything in my chair and came to the computer to check email and an hour later, this is what I found in my chair:

The Tonk sabotaged my plans a mite...
How are you spending YOUR long weekend?


Blogger Geraldine said...

All your work is so beautiful Sallee. And Tonk, too cute!

I have a contest on at my happy blog I thought you and your readers might enjoy:

Cheers and Happy Weekend, G

11:19 AM  

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