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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nook Color Cases - Now in the Shop

The answer is "YES!"
I was asked if I'd be making some of these to put in the shop, so of course I have.

Now I realize that a lot of folks want their Nook (and Kindle) covers to also HOLD their e-readers as they read, but I'm kinda funky about that. I hold the Nook. Period.

Maybe I'd get used to having it in a cover, but you know? One of the reasons I wanted a Nook was to lighten the load...books are feeling heavier and heavier to me these my design is for protection when you're transporting the Nook or when it's not in use, sitting by your chair (if you have kittehs like mine? You worry about the Nook landing on the floor). Eventually I may buy one of those silicone frames, but for now, I see no need.

Over the past week or so, I've made a few of these and they're in the etsy shop right now. Price? $20. Shipping? $3. (remember if you're in Virginia, I have to charge you sales tax)

Another big reason I bought my Nook Color? Because I'm overloaded on books, the real ones, and have no more space for additional ones and besides, while there are issues with e-readers being environmentally friendly? They don't kill trees. So that's one reason I made these two e-reader covers. *wink*

And can you imagine Nana Sadie Rose making anything without including a few animal fabrics, specifically cats?

No, I couldn't either, but I did add in as many doggie prints as I did cat ones...

Then, these. Two in this wonderful old world book print, and the gorgeous Asian floral...You know I have a nice assortment of Asian prints, many of them florals and I should just make up a bunch of things from them...

This one isn't in the shop. Someone who is very important to me is giving this one to someone who is very important to her...

See how I lined it?

This is so much fun.

If you don't find something in the shop you love, email me (or convo me thru etsy) and we'll find a fabric for you!


Anonymous twinsetellen said...

The old world books fabric is especially appropriate! Very nice all around.

11:11 PM  
Anonymous mrsgreek said...

these are very cute! you have done a fantastic job on everything! way to go!!

6:33 AM  

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