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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Blessed Be

(an aside) Just for those who are unaware, this post apparently went into the ether yesterday while Blogger was being persnickety...yes, I'll use that word rather than the one that immediately came to mind...(yesterday was one day when I truly wondered if it wasn't time to move this blog from blogger once and for all, but I really have had good luck

But that means I also lost your comments - except the ones on Facebook. So thankfully you're there. So here is what I was able to retrieve from Google Reader - I'll have to add from here to the best of my recollection!

Blessed Be from knitnana by KnitNana
Eleven years ago this about this very moment, I survived a miocardial infarction from a 90% blockage of the left main coronary artery. One of those "Classic Hollywood Heart Attacks," or as the new Bayer commercial says, "A Widow-Maker" (in my case, I suppose it should read, "widow-ER-Maker," except I wasn't married). And for all that there have been tons of scary health times since,

nothing has been as terrifying as that day. I'm here because of an excellent doctor who took my symptoms seriously because I was (only) 43, but he knew I had a rotten family history, was overweight and a heavy smoker. He slapped a nitro patch on me - and the pain went away.

He couldn't get me in the ambulance to the hospital fast enough and a stent was inserted quickly(then replaced with a double-bypass two months later).

I am grateful. I am blessed.

A word to the wise: Take it seriously. Call 911. It may not be. But if it is, you need to be at the hospital. No one has time for a heart attack. But...if you are having a heart attack? It may be all the time you get.

Blessed Be.


Blogger margene said...

Yay! for great doctors and for a chance to still be here in this beautiful world.

1:18 PM  
Blogger margene said...

Yay! for great doctors and for a chance to still be here in this beautiful world.
(Happy to leave a comment again.) Blessed be, indeed.

4:12 PM  
Blogger Birdsong said...

I, for one, am sooo very glad you did survive. I didn't meet you until 2004 (or early 2005?) and happen to know you are too valuable to the world around you to do without! Thanks for the important reminder.

7:43 PM  

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