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Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Well, it happens when I least anticipate least the orders are finished, so I'm not holding up anyone's Nana Sadie Rose product (except for my available stock for the fall shows). I'm down with not one, but two shoulders that feel suspiciously like bursitis. I'm alternating heat and cold tonight, but even knitting has been set aside. I did get a couple of things in the mail today...

so I have knitting content - frankly? I'm thinking I'll go to single issues of IK when this subscription runs out, because I'm getting a bit tired of the patterns in the spring and summer issues, and this one was no different. I do love a lot of things in the fall and winter magazines. But that Cast On? Oh my! Several things immediately intrigued me. For the most part I've been very happy with The Knitting Guild Association membership I've had these past two years. One day, when I'm retired (or...independently wealthy?), I'm going to do that Master Knitter's program.

Until then, I'm going to learn a lot from the TKGA magazine.

Okay, now I guess I'd better back away from the keyboard, pick up my Nook, and settle down with a certain feline...

Methinks she looks a tad impatient - she wants her Mommie's lap.
I want you to ditch the flash on the camera, too, Mommie, but that hasn't stopped you yet.


Blogger Brenda said...

I hope your shoulders feel better soon! Kitty therapy should help.

I'll have to look for an issue of Cast On.

9:29 PM  
Anonymous twinsetellen said...

Kitty therapy is always good, and I hope it is highly effective.

10:59 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

I'm sorry to hear about your shoulders - I hope that today is better! In the meantime, though, knitting content is still a good thing :)

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Carrie#K said...

I think you'd better get a move on before someone loses patience with you.

No knitting! Wouldn't that aggravate your shoulders? And I hope they feel better quickly!

3:47 PM  
Anonymous AlisonH said...

Beautiful cat, and I wish I could stroke its fur through the screen.

3:56 PM  

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