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Saturday, May 07, 2011

This Is Getting Old Folks...

I knew I'd probably have to spend today (and possibly tomorrow) not sewing, and conceivably not even knitting to try to help "rest" my shoulder. So after going to see Cirque du Soliel's Allegria! last night in helping to celebrate my niece's birthday, I let myself sleep in today, spending three different times during the night and early morning getting up and heating the hot packs before snuggling back under the covers...

When I did get up I "putzied" around the house, sorting thru papers, clipping coupons, tossing things into recycling and otherwise, straightening the occasional odd clutter...this is really huge as I'm a clutterbug, and I earned that title, learning the finer points of the art at my Mom's knee (which, frankly is appropriate considering tomorrow is Mother's Day!).

I then trundled off to AC Moore to use a 50% off coupon, then to wander "my" mall (the one in town that I prefer because it's manageable and has my stores in it!), finally ending up at Barnes & Noble for a bit of wifi on the Nook. I returned home via KMart, where I picked up a foursome of pink geraniums (and potting soil) for my front stoop's urns...

After I got these planted, I dragged out the painted cinder block I picked up at a charity auction a year or so ago. The DGS#1 loves frogs...
And I love cats, so the other side has the little cement black kitty that has followed me from apartment to apartment over the past several years.

Other than that, I pulled out a bit of fabric to consider for a new spring/summer bag for me, did a little more cleaning up of odd things, ate dinner, watched the Kentucky Derby, and then decided I'd tackle the pile of knitting and WW magazines that have been accumulating in a pile next to my knitting chair. I pulled everything out and tried valiantly to organize things in that awkward spot...

It's done, but I'll tell you. Had I spent the day knitting? I'd have stressed my shoulder less.

(Sometimes I can't win for losing)
Tonight I'm going to send one armed hugs))))


Anonymous twinsetellen said...

I believe that kitty needs a ball of yarn to play with, but don't wind it while your shoulders are acting up!

11:44 PM  
Blogger Bonnie said...

Aren't geraniums pretty! I love them - got two myself on Friday. I hope your shoulder is feeling better very soon.

6:49 AM  

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