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Sunday, July 31, 2011

What I Did on the Last Weekend in July

I sewed! Surprise!
I know you're not surprised...I can't fool you all. You see those tickers ticking away above me there, just as well as I do, right?

Sometimes I wish I didn't do tickers. Then I realize how powerful they are for reminding me how close my deadlines are. Oh yeah. Those are close...

So I have to show for my weekend:

Two Knitnanas, two Meras, two Kerries and a Rosy. Seven bags. And I even had time to cut another Rosy, so I'm a bit ahead of the game...

Below is one of the Meras from this weekend, and another from last week, which I hadn't shown off yet.

The weekend was incredibly hot and humid (tho' I'm relying on the radio for that information about today, as I didn't stick my nose out my was just a bit warm heading downstairs to do laundry, tho, so I did have an inkling they were right). And yesterday I headed to two farmer's markets and picked up tomatoes, beets, carrots, and eggs. I saw friend Sandra, briefly! That's always nice as I don't see her very often (oh, well except on Facebook).

Mid-to late afternoon, I heard the radio announcer say something about storms in the area, and suddenly I heard grumbling. That went on for a bit, and, while standing at the ironing board pressing a seam, I realized I had a cat under my feet. The camera was close, and you don't know how novel it was that the cat in question wasn't under the bed by now with the level of grumbling we were I grabbed the camera and focused on said feline under the ironing board. Everything was set, I hit the button...
and in that split-second timing nature has, an ear-splitting crack landed right on top of our house. You can tell how frightened she was by the SIZE of her glowing orbs, dontcha know...

(And sorry that the photo is fuzzy, but it was such a thunder-clap, that I jumped a bit...heheh.)

That did it...she had company on the stairs from that moment on, by the way. I think The Tonk is aging into his own fearfulness.

But she has been a stick-me-tight ever since. Poor sweetie.


Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Poor sweetie, indeed! I hope the thunderstorms have died down and she's feeling better (and that maybe the humidity has dropped?). The bags look wonderful - you're going to meet those deadlines in style, I can tell!!

6:53 PM  
Anonymous twinsetellen said...

I agree with Jocelyn, the bags are looking great. You are on a roll!

Poor kitties!

9:31 PM  

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