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Friday, August 26, 2011

Remember When This Was A Knitting Blog?

Yeah, me, too. Geesh, I miss it. This is the point in my year when I'm positively aching for my needles, for wool, for cables and lace, mittens, socks, shawls, scarves. And the one time of the year when I cannot, even a little bit, let myself sit with them, as I'd never get back to the sewing machine - at this point in the process of preparing for shows, I'm sick to death of the Bernina (and wondering if Bernie feels the same?)

But both Margene and Birdsong have done this meme and while I rarely do those anymore, I promised I would do this one. So here goes:

1. My favorite things to knit – To look at my finished projects on Ravelry, you might say Socks. You'd be wrong. I love lace. In any form, but mostly in shawls. And while I have a few made, I have far more on my queue. Unfortunately for my stash, I bought up many many projects worth of laceweight only to discover that I really prefer to work in fingering weight, so don't be surprised if you see a stash busting sale here, soon.

2. My least favorite thing about knitting – Like many folks, I expect, I dislike the lack of time to work on my projects. I dream of becoming independently wealthy (oh, I really must buy a lottery ticket) or finding a well-heeled Sugar Daddy who will support me in my passion for wool...unfortunately, I don't see either of those things happening anytime soon.

3. My first finished object – was a K1P1 scarf, I believe. I still have it. I worked on two different acrylic (squeaky) feather and fan ripple afghans for years but never finished either and they finally went into the dumpster. So I'm pretty sure the scarf was the first FO.

4. If I could take only one yarn brand to my desert island it would be – a boat load of Koigu/Cherry Tree Hill/(any hand-dyed with the same base) fingering yarn. I'm reminded of the old ad "if I've only one life let me live it as a blonde" (which I was once, about the time of that ad, btw). If I've only one yarn on my desert island, let me handle only Koigu.

5. My current knitting obsession is – Well....that I CAN'T pick it up! I have several projects in process, and right now, the only knitting time I get is at lunchtime and frankly, the socks I'm working on? Patons Kroy. 'Nuf said?

September will come and go. And maybe I can get back to this being a (mostly) knitting blog...
(one can only hope, right?)


Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

I love your #2! I feel the same way (except Rick wouldn't much like it if I went on a Knitting Sugar Daddy hunt, I'm guessing). I feel your pain - it's a long dry spell for the knitting, but the end is in sight (a mixed blessing, I know)!

1:43 PM  
Anonymous twinsetellen said...

I wondered if you lost power this weekend, which would force you to knit instead of sew. Not that this would be a good thing, but at least you'd get to knit!

10:06 PM  

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