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Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm Actually Reading a Bit...

Just finished Slow Love which I discovered after I stumbled upon Dominique's blog. I thoroughly enjoyed it, identified with her relationship problems to an extraordinary degree (I swear I know the man she was involved with for years, but I suspect, there is a TYPE and it's not really the same man...). While her life is more comfortable than mine, I can appreciate her fear and depression upon losing her job (been there), and her struggles to become a more whole person as she adjusts, can relate as well to the health crisis that assists her in the process.

I was not the least daunted by a snippy review I read of the book that suggested that because she had lived a life of privilege, that she would not be able to understand the real distress of those who are in the ranks of the unemployed in these recessionary times.

I didn't read the book for that perspective. I read it as a woman's memoir, an example of how a woman copes with adversity and hangs tough, hangs in, and manages to come out feeling stronger about who she is.

That's the kind of book I like to read (some of my favorite authors over the years have been Alice Koller, Alix Kates Shulman, and Joanna Macy). I like anything that discusses how a real woman handles the challenges of her life. And I'm especially interested in the way she interacts with nature as she goes...especially if she ends up being committed to a defense of the natural world.

(Ok...that's my genre along with knitting books and I'll be working on No Idle Hands again this weekend, it's a delight!)

I'm hoping to knit a little tonight, maybe a bit on the Log Cabin blanket or a sock, as I've had a bit of oral surgery, and the novacaine is starting to wear off. I'll be taking pain meds, and I don't think I want to be knitting anything complex, or sewing bags while I do that!

And if there's a book like one of those I've linked to that you liked? Let me know, okay? Especially if I can get it on the Nook as I'm hankering after one of those like crazy...soon, I hope!


Blogger Birdsong said...

Oh, I loved No Idle Hands! I haven't read Slow Love, but I agree that womens' memoirs hold a special charm at this stage in my life. Happy reading, and stay warm this weekend!

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Carrie#K said...

I suppose you've already read Eat, Pray, Love? No Idle Hands was interesting.

Take care of yourself!

7:49 PM  
Blogger Ruinwen said...

I'm glad that you are finding some good reading material. Hope your mouth feels better. Don't overdo it and take care of your self okay? *hugs*

10:34 PM  
Blogger Sandra said...

I have Nora Ephron's "I Feel Bad about my Neck" - would you like it ...

4:54 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

That sounds like a great book! I haven't read any of those, but I'll have to look for them. And when you get your Nook, we'll have to figure out how to share books :)

8:07 PM  

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