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Saturday, January 01, 2011

What I'm Planning For 2011

I've been spending the past week knitting and sewing my little fingers to the bone, during a week that might have been a bit of a rest from that had I only planned things differently. Yes, that is the story of my life, I'm sure you're aware of that by now. But change is on!

My Christmas is this weekend, the family is arriving on Sunday for our gift exchange and visit. Since I've known this for a bit, it seems I kept adding things to my list of "to make" items...after all, I had "plenty of time!" {heheh}

I'm hopeful that I'm going to make it - there's today after all, but much of it will need to be spent wrapping, er, gift-bagging things up. *wink*

Here's what I'm hoping to do differently in 2011:

I'm going to once again gift wrap stash yarn, this time with chosen patterns I have in my pattern stash, and do a "Club" - but this time? I'm going to be doing some planning to create gifts in advance of next Christmas. I'm starting with NaKniMitMo in January. Knitting mittens and mitts (goodness knows I have tons of patterns, and they make great gifts!).

Otherwise, I'll mix it up and only open one when I've either got a UFO (read that to refer to large projects) and when I need something simpler than the one I've got on the needles (read that as socks and mittens and cowls). I'm actually thinking of bagging these according to a color code system...hmmm...must dig out some ribbon or something to make the color coding work. If I manage to knit 12 gifts (one per month) that's more than the number of people I have to have gifts for. Oh, that means maybe I can knit for me? Or maybe gift to one of those people I have never knit a thing for?

I'm going to try (again) to knit MUCH from stash this year. I've got a couple of goals to save my knitting money for - Maryland Sheep and Wool in May and the TKGA Show in September. I want to be sure there's available cash to indulge my fantasies of yarn orgies. (Wonder what Google will do with that one?)

You see, even when I don't entirely knit from stash? If I say I'm aiming for that, I do buy less, don't you? I actually think through my purchases a bit better, there's less of the "see-it-buy-it" reaction!

And since I'm also going to be working on paying off debt (i.e. one of my major topics on Nana Sadie's Place all last month with reverb10), in 2011 that will mean it's critical to save a bit of cash for the two events - I'm building it into the budget! Goodness, I'm going completely to a "pay-as-you-go plan." Cash basis all the way! :)

I know it's not what the politicians want us to do with the 2% they're "saving us" in Social Security tax reduction this year, but I'm putting that amount aside immediately to help pay off debt and also to stash into retirement savings. I'll let the guys in Washington (they are mostly guys) figure out how to handle the fact that they couldn't change my behavior!

Oh, and one more thing: I'm knitting a sweater this year.
I know.
I've said that before.
No, really, I am! *wink*
Cheryl Oberle's Three Sisters. I have already swatched (months ago), and have the yarn...Knitpicks City Tweed in Dungarees. I'm knitting the small. I know it's a 40-inch bust, but it's a boxy sweater. I hope it won't be too big. Hmm. What would happen if I dropped down a needle size or two...I must swatch...(again, because the first time? I was knitting the medium because I needed it!)
Whoohoo! Happy 2011!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Know you loved your first experience with City Tweed (and inspired me to knit a Boneyard Shawl with it, too). Isn't it wonderful to have to reconsider a swatch for a smaller size? :-)

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I missed that you were doing Reverb10! I don't always check your other blog, I need to add it to my feed aggregate. :-/ I didn't do it but I really enjoyed reading the entries from folks who were, so it was kind of the follow along at home game.

I think I buy less yarn when I am "knitting from stash" too. It's not a moratorium, but I do buy less.

Happy new year! May all your plans bear delicious fruit!

1:19 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

I love that sweater!! You should definitely knit the small, and maybe even the extra small? (Is there one?) You deserve for this one to be something you wear all the time :)

Your resolutions sound wonderful. I'm working on a few of my own, and meanwhile (thanks to your inspiration), I've rejoined WW online. (((hugs)))

3:33 PM  
Blogger Ruinwen said...

I love the first of the year when all things are possible again. I think that you have some amazing resolutions with some great ideas. I can't wait to see your sweater. :)

8:39 AM  

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