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Saturday, March 20, 2010


I can't tell you how happy I am to upload and share this photo with you!

It's been a "long hard year" to quote a country song I hear occasionally, especially on this side of the country. But the snow, I think, is behind us (please?). It's been in the 70s the past couple of days.

Of course, in this part of the country, these days (my absolute favorites) are fleeting...we'll be seeing increasing humidity soon. But I'm taking as much advantage as possible of this picture perfect weather, even getting out and walking a couple of times a day ... have increased this week to 15 minutes each time from 10.

And this also means I've been having to do a little clothing shopping for new, smaller sizes. Last night, SIL and I shopped for new tops for the Nana Sadie Rose gals. I think we found something fun and pretty, so stay tuned. We'll unveil them at the Southeastern Persian Show next month in Richmond, VA.

While I was outside changing the mini-flag to a spring one (I've had a "birds at the feeder in the snow" one for months, and it's kinda, just not true anymore, ya know?), I looked up and saw this precious blue-eyed baby playing peek-a-boo with me:

Just one of the very rare photos I have of those amazing sapphire eyes! (please forgive the dirty windowsills and such...I rent, and it's "not my job" to wash them!)
Happy Spring!!


Blogger Plain Jane said...

Such pretty eyes!! The Meezer is a beautiful feline. I'm looking at Boomer's eyes right now - beautiful greens that shift shades like grass in the wind. Enjoy your spring weather. We had a taste, but winter is back.. {sigh}

1:14 AM  
Blogger Mr. Cheddar said...

Oh Meezer, I'm in looooove! You are the Liz Taylor of felines. No you are even more beautiful than Liz (and no carmine lips, yuckkkky).

Tell your Mom that I am once again on display over at Veggies, in a particularly appealing pose. See ya!!!

The Ched

1:57 PM  
Blogger Lynette said...

The daffs in my front flower bed are blooming as well. Of course, about ten feet away the first patch of dandelions is blooming too!

7:07 PM  
Blogger Ruinwen said...

Oh Meezer, your eyes are just beautiful! Tell your Mommy how much I enjoyed the spring flower pictures. *plenty of lovin' and fur pettin'*

8:37 AM  
Blogger Brenda said...

Yay for spring! We will be hot here soon, but spring is lovely while it lasts.

6:09 PM  
Blogger Birdsong said...

Those are both lovely and welcome photos after a particularly grey and stormy winter:)

12:06 AM  

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