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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

I'm having a time with this one this week, as Ten on Tuesday is 10 Things You're Looking Forward to in 2010.

I normally do a wrap-up post on the current year during this week, and then on January 1, I go into detail on my plans (remember, no resolutions!) for the New Year. I'm still planning to do that this week, so drop back by, okay?

With that said, here are some of the things I would love to see in the new year (and remember, I'm a numbers person, so some of this is pretty typical of the mindset I live in day-to-day!):

1. A general upswing in the economy overall. Things have been looking better the past few months (ok, I realize the unemployment numbers aren't so peachy), but the signs of recovery are like the teensy green shoots of spring. I'm generally hopeful!
2. I'd love to begin to see improvement in the unemployment numbers, too, but I have watched this stuff long enough to know it lags behind everything else. That's not very comforting to those without jobs right now, or to those who are wishing they could find other work than what they have. But I am hopeful that as other things improve we'll see an uptick in new job creation or in hiring for vacant positions that remain unfilled.
3. Oddly enough, I'm one of those "old foggies" who is happy to see the increase in savings rate. I'd LOVE to continue to see folks pay down debt and increase their savings so they're not living so close to the edge!
4. I'd love to see a refocusing on land travel over air. We have a perfectly good rail system (ok, I worked for the railroad for several years, so you're hearing my bias), and it's long been neglected. It could be so much more. I'm not quite sure we're ready for high-speed rail, tho' I'd love to see that before I die! But that would take a level of commitment I'm not sure we can handle right now. I do wish our community would bring back passenger rail, tho'. And it would be so neat to have those special passenger trains with names for their circuits: The City of New Orleans, The Ethan Allen, etc...I want a "Big Lick Express," frankly! *wink*
5. While I'm on my mass transit kick, I'll also mention that I wish, how I wish, that once and for all, my community would recognize that a bus line that stops running at 8:30p.m. and doesn't run at all on Sundays is not a functional mass transit option. People who rely on bus service, often have to travel after 8:30 at night, because it's likely they work second or third shift, or even that they might like to stay in town after they get off work and have dinner! They also might like to attend church or other social functions on Sundays. And, to be really honest? They might want to go somewhere outside the city limits (into neighboring communities like Salem or Vinton) to shop - It would be nothing short of a miracle if the several communities in our surrounding area decided maybe they could work together on this. I'll suggest now that if you're a non-local you might be a little lost in this discussion right now (it has much to do with Virginia's Independent City & County tradition)... *wink* If you're a local? You probably think I'm really doing some pie-in-the-sky thinking - and I suspect you're right!

Ok...I'll move back into the personal for the rest of these:
6. I'd like to see one or both of two knitting needle companies design the following: Knitpicks - please create the blonde Harmonys? OR alternatively? Skacel - please come up with Addi LACE Clicks? I know, I'm a broken record...
7. I'm looking forward to new knitting challenges in 2010 - you'll be hearing more about those come January 1 - there's so much left to try!!
8. I'm looking forward to the Star City Cat Shows in January and July here in Roanoke, The Persian Society Cat Show in Richmond VA in April, the Sedalia Fiber Festival in May, and then the National Capital Cat Show in September up in Chantilly VA (DC).
9. Thinking about those shows and Nana Sadie Rose, I have a couple of new ideas on the drawing board, and I'm looking forward to getting those items into prototype and production!
And finally:
10. As a mom and grandmother, I have to admit, that I'm always hopeful that the new year will bring good things for my family. Everyone struggles now and then, but the older generation looks back and sees things with 20-20 clarity. I wish that made it easier for the generation coming along behind. It doesn't. I can only hope that with each passing month, things get easier. That's what New Year's is all about: it's filled with potential and hope!

Stay tuned - I'll see you soon...with more details, okay?


Blogger margene said...

If even a few things on your list happen it will be a very good year. Happy New Year!!

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

ITA w/you on the mass transit thing! And now, when more people are actually using it, they're cutting back.

I'm looking forward to 2010 just because it won't be 2009 any more.

2:33 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Hear hear on the high-speed rail! California has finally approved one to run up the state -- it's years away, but I'm already eager for it :) And I also hear you on the easier times in the new year, it's time for that, I'd say.

11:29 PM  

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