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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yuck. Conjunctivitis?

I have self-diagnosed.

I know I shouldn't do that. But this appears to be viral conjunctivitis and I'm about fit to be tied. Have no idea how long I'm not supposed to be around folks, but I am supposed to be at work on Monday. This began on Wednesday. Any nurses or doctors reading my blog, feel free to leave me a comment on routine behavior with this thing...I am better today...Christmas Eve had me looking fine, but tearing constantly from the one eye, yesterday was awful - swelling, red, tearing so badly it was like a gusher - today is somewhat itchy at times, but achy, too. The tearing is clear, tho, not indicating infection. But I look like I've got a small goose egg under my (much darker than normal) circle under my eye. I can feel a little nodule on my nose just beyond the corner of my eye.

I've had much hot tea today. Used the teabags as compresses. Alternated hot and cold compresses, too. The skin under my eye looks like it belongs to someone 100 years old, not half that.

I'll move along. I did make myself work on my office/knitting room today. I was looking back at my 2009 plans from last New Year's and discovered that it was one of those things I intended to do early on. Well...obviously time (and life) got away from me, so I'm coming back to it. I'll have photos (both before and after - I have no shame) to show you, but it's really only 1/2 done at this point. I hope to work a bit on it tomorrow, but we'll see...I have a couple of bags to make, too, and if I can see well enough to do it I should do that.

I gave up and picked up needles mid-afternoon and cast on for something new and very very simple:

That's the PSC yarn that I frogged, when? Back in November? Socks in Knitpicks Imagination I wasn't happy with, but I think it might work out nicely in the Misty Garden Scarf from Scarf Style. In Red Hat colors (why do they call this "Wicked Stepmother?"), I think it's a good addition to the few items I have available to wear to our events...

At least it's a pattern I don't have to think about - well, till I get carried away and insert an extra YO here or there...

Off to drink a bit more tea (decaf) before bedtime.


Blogger sandra said...

I've had a case of viral conjunctivitis myself the past few days....back to work tomorrow. We need to get together sometime - after our eyes clear up lol.

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may have a stye, an infection of the gland around an eyelash. See
Be sure to read the part where it says it is staph, and medical treatments with ointment can help.

Have it seen. Tomorrow! That is my professional opinion.

9:32 AM  
Blogger Sorka said...

Been there had that.. definitely you have to get it looked at, pinky promise! and medicated. as an adult if you do not work with children or the public etc. you should be fine for work but make sure you are washing your hands constantly if it is conjunctivitis because it is SUPER contagious!

3:16 PM  
Blogger Opal said...

i'm so sorry to hear about the eyes!

i'm in love with your new project. i might have to steal it when you aren't looking. ;-)

3:00 PM  

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