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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Did You Set Your Clock Back?

Now the bigger question? How did you USE that extra hour? I figured that I would do as I usually do (I can't help myself) and just work later, or possibly knit later. But you know, last night, I suddenly thought (mid-rip on the EZ Mitered Mitten - again!) that perhaps I should go to bed.

So I did!

And when I woke up this a.m., approximately at my usual time by the sun, I ran down to heat up the microwave heat packs to do my morning stretches from PT, and then I just stayed in bed listening to the radio (WVTF, for those of you from the area). I heard almost all of Weekend Edition and that's really very rare for me. And I watched almost all of Sunday Morning! So I eased into this day much more slowly that usual.

I remedied that quickly, tho'. Started on three Kerris, and am working on the sheets and towels laundry (clothing and fabric was yesterday!). At least I get my exercise up and down the stairs! lol

Of course, yesterday was very busy - the kids came by in their costumes on their way to the local mall for tricks and treats (I have decided to stop the candy war - none in this house, and the boys don't need it either, so they got squiggly bracelets instead and seemed VERY happy!) and then there were two Meras created (more orders from the cat show!):

You've seen these outer fabrics before but the insides are different.

While I was trying to get decent photos of those bags, I realized someone was very interested in my "new" old ironing board. My dad made this for my mom. I have had it in the basement for years, but my other one (also elderly, as it was the one I bought when I got married, some 30+ years ago!) is metal, and has developed a decided squeek and squeal. I much prefer the creaking wood in my dad's contraption.

Someone else finds the old ironing board interesting...

Very, very interesting...

These aren't the only photos I took, but they are the best of them...

She was completely besotted with the metal supports...

rubbing her cheeks and marking her territory, I suppose...

Like anyone else cares about that?

Still, it must have some amazingly strong attraction to it!

But she finally noticed the flash and came out to me instead. Very odd indeed...

OH. I mentioned I was doing the sheets and towels laundry? That meant the bed was free for this:

Yes, it's the City Tweed Textured Shawl Recipe shawl in the colorway Orca.

I used 3 skeins. I wished I'd had at least one more as it's really small. I know the original was used as a scarf, but - oh who knows what I thought at the time, but Barbara-Kay was smarter and realized she likes her shawls BIG. (so do I, B-K, so do I, and hindsight is 20-20).

I have blocked this in hopes of making it a bit larger - as it stands it measures 60x29. I think that will work nicely over my winter white blazer, so I'm not disappointed.

But I'll order more yarn with the next one! (oh, and there'll be modeled shots when I find someone to take them, promise!)


Anonymous Barbara-Kay said...

'tis a lovely, wee shawl. (Well, what could I say, after you pointed out I do love a big one.)

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

The shawl is cute! I like them big too but that should work out nicely.

I LOVED my extra hour. I had such a nice productive stress free morning yesterday.

That radio station? I first read it as WTF. Whoops.

Hez likes to sleep ON the ironing board but hasn't made out with it lately! lol

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are so good at knitting lace! and the meezer is such a clown!

Kathy F.

6:21 AM  
Anonymous twinsetellen said...

Great kitty shots. They can be so focused on what they love. The corner of our fridge was always smudged because it was the favorite rubbing spot of one of our kitties.

And the shawl looks like a hug. Hugs are nice whatever size.

8:57 AM  

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