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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Productive Weekend...

and you only get to see part of it tonight! There's enough to make a couple of posts, so be sure to check back later ...

First off, I had a first-time, brand new customer from the National Capital Cat Show who was so impressed by the large bags, that she placed a humongous order including these two bags:

I no longer have the leopard print fabric she wanted (and it's not readily available) but I was able to find this wonderful print that you've already seen in the accessories I posted about earlier in the week...more than half of this order was already-made bags from the show, but she was flying home from there and asked me to ship everything together, which I was happy to do:

Fortunately, I was able to locate a really big box - because I haven't found anything this size available through the post office! (If you didn't know, I seal every bag in it's own zip-lock to protect it even further in transit, which is why there's so much plastic in that photo!! lolol)

I also finished two orders for Violettes and I'll show them to you later in the week. One of the customers reads my blog, so she's been warned that if she doesn't want to be "spoiled" - the fabric was to be a surprise to her! - not to visit till after the package arrives, but you all will get to see it on Wednesday.

Helping me in the process of making these things was a new "toy" I discovered. Listen, if you've known about this for a bit, take pity on me, okay? I don't spend a lot of time checking out the latest sewing equipment - and for good reason, I'm compulsive - if I see a new Bernina I want? I'll probably buy it without thinking, and I really am happy with the one I've got, not to mention my retirement account needs more of the $$ than the Bernina dealership does...

No that's not a Bernina. Still, it's a nice little contraption that sits on the edge of my sewing table and winds bobbins whenever I need them. I can keep it set up with thread and not have to stop in process and rethread the machine! My needle-threader on the Bernie gave up the ghost months ago, and while they "fixed" it when it was in the shop for maintenance, it's broken again. I'm happy to thread the machine less often since I have to take my glasses off to facilitate that process, and crook my neck into a contortion. Yes, the Bernina will go back in the shop in February, and I'll ask them to fix it again. But, still it's really nice to have this little puppy right next to me...

I was so proud of myself for finishing all I'd set myself to do this weekend and in the process catching up considerably. I'm almost where I need to be, only 3-4 days behind right now, which is within the margin I give my customers, so I'm delighted. Over then next 10 days, I should be finished with the September cat show orders and on to the ones from locals again. Whew!

So I made a little side-trip to Barnes & Noble this afternoon:

Jocelyn blogged about picking up The Knitter yesterday and I thought - OH! That's on MY list of things to buy. I'd seen the magazine at B&N when I was there earlier in the week, and refrained. Today? No way, was I denying myself. As I left, Jocelyn emailed to say, "let me know if you see IK's Holiday Knitting." And it was there! So of course, you know I couldn't resist that, too? Especially after seeing the toys? No, no link, no info - go Ravel it, because my DD reads this blog and she doesn't need to know (1) what I'm thinking of knitting the boys, and (2) what might never make it to the FO pile...

Then I ran by my post office box to find:

Rainy's stitch markers from the Basket of Shame KAL. They're beautiful, Rainy, thank you!

When I finally made it home, I fixed dinner early (I'd "missed" lunch) - another healthy combo for Weight Watchers (yup, I'm doing well, at least I think I am) and I topped it off with something that I've been craving - a baked apple!

Um. Well, there was a baked apple there! As you can see, I polished it off in a mad rush - it was soooooooo good: One honeycrisp apple from Michigan (YUM, all by itself!), two very elderly Vermont Maple Candies (in the shape of leaves) that I had in the cupboard. I didn't have any brown sugar, and I don't think I'll ever care about using that again! Those candies were fabulous, and 2 points total! I dusted the apple with cinnamon, and then topped it with fat-free Cool Whip. A four-point treat! And good for me...tho' next time I think one candy will be enough...

If any of my New England relatives are reading, I would love more maple sugar candy leaves...I can't think of a nicer Christmas gift!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a healthy taste combo you might enjoy: mix one small container of fat free, no sugar vanilla yogurt with one lunchbox cup (Or 1/2 cup measured) unsweetened applesauce. Sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy! Equals one dairy and one fruit. (I don't know the new WW points system, but the old system was like the diabetic exchanges I learned in nursing school, so easy to remember.)

8:20 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

So many good things! The bags are lovely -- and such a nice big order :) And the IK does, indeed, look fabulous (I got your message, but haven't had a chance to make it to the bookstore today; I will before the plane this week, for sure, though!). :) And that baked apple sounds delicious...

10:06 PM  
Blogger Birdsong said...

Love the leopard prints! What did you think of Holiday Knits? The markers are lovely and fun, but what I really admire is your bobbin-winding gadget... I hate having to stop while sewing,unthread, etc., to wind another bobbin.

10:52 PM  
Anonymous twinsetellen said...

Wow - that is an order! It looks fabulous and it only makes me more anxious to receive my box.

And the bobbin winder looks more like a critical piece of equipment than a toy, for someone who sews professionally, anyway.

11:11 PM  

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