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Saturday, October 17, 2009

What I'm Doing Instead of Being At Rhinebeck!

Nope I didn't go to Rhinebeck (I have never been to Rhinebeck, but I'd love to go!)

Still this weather this weekend, makes me think I'd much rather be here. It's cold, it's gloomy, there's a threat of snow (ok, in the mountains, but it surely smelled like snow yesterday afternoon!). The house can't seem to get warm, and I'm determined not to raise the heat above 66.

I spent a large part of my day working on this order from National Capital Cat Show (since I'm running about a week late, thanks to physical therapy cutting into my available sewing time, I'm glad I got this one done!):

I love this fabric, but I bet that doesn't surprise you...

I finally got a photo of the finished Corrugator Scarf for the Red Scarf Project. I've got to write a care label for it, and get it ready to mail:
Next time? I won't knit into the back of the first stitch on each row - I was having a lot of trouble slipping the first stitch for some reason, so I read on Ravelry that someone had done this, and I tried it. No more trouble at the beginning of each row, but I'm not in love with the edge it created, either! The yarn is from stash, Encore DK in a lovely cranberry tweed. I've still got more of this, and I think I'm going to use it for the hat I promised one of our members as a contribution to Knitting for Hope and I understand that red/black combos work well...I've got to get on this, as the next group meeting of our Roanoke Valley Spinners & Knitters is the first Thursday of November and I'd like to turn it in then!

But...then I also realize that I've taken far, far longer than normal on my Personal Sock Club socks from September. It's already been a month and at my longest, I'm finished a pair in a month:

So today I finished the first one and cast on for the second.

I'm not sure, but Margene has found her missing Sock Mojo (and it was missing a long time), and mine seems to have gone missing as a result. Hope mine doesn't stay away as long as hers did!

I was sitting with heat on my neck (I woke yesterday with a crick and it won't go away) and working on my sock this afternoon, The Meezer moved off the chair arm, and onto the ottoman where my feet were...

You see, I'd positioned a space heater there. The little beast wormed her rear between the heater and my feet! And complained about my feet being in the way the entire time!! The nerve of the furball...

But she's been heat-seeking for a couple of days. Last night I piled into bed and started working on the Log Cabin blanket again (it's cold, so now I can stand having it on my lap!). Suddenly, I noticed someone making biscuits on the wool:

She finally circled and settled...and then resettled...and then resettled again:

Until finally she seemed satisfied.

I think blanket is no longer mine!

And on the third cat front - and yes Diana I do have two cats already - I'm totally on the fence. I adore this shaded silver Persian, but:
1. I have said, after the BB passed to the Rainbow Bridge, that there would never again be a long-haired cat in my home. I'm still finding her fur, some two years plus later (an while that might in some respects be a commentary on my housekeeping, it's really more about how a Persian's fur gets into everything and takes hold!).
2. I have a lease that says 2 cats only.
3. I currently have two cats.
4. Neither of them appears to be going anywhere anytime soon.
5. The Persian is a bit older than I thought he was - he's 10!
6. I think The Meezer might get along fine with him, but I know CC will blow a gusset, and I've once before caused an elderly, ailing cat to pine away dejectedly over being "replaced" by a "new addition" - and it just so happens that the "new addition" at the time, was CC! I'm not sure I want to repeat that. It's very unpleasant to realize that an action of mine sent a kitty to the Rainbow Bridge, possibly ahead of his or her time.
7. I obviously would have to clear a third cat with the landlord. I'm not looking forward to that discussion.
8. I've had as many as four cats before. It's a challenge. And I'm really looking at having fewer challenges in my life these days.

But he's such a sweetie. All of that list might just have to go by the board. We'll see.


Anonymous twinsetellen said...

Oh, tough decision on the kitty. I'd rather look at that bag - it is a stunner.

We have an old puppy and are resisting the urge to get kitties (our last died last summer at a ripe old age) until the dog departs - just too much to handle at once, having gone through the geriatric pet routine several times. I would probably not be as anxious to adopt a 10 year old for that reason.

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your answer to number 2 (only allowed 2 cats) is that this will not be your cat, it can be for the meezer. My vet told me that to get my meezer exercising more, I should get her a kitten! Of course there's no way she would want a kitten. She still complains about the other two I brought home as kittens and they're 7! While 10 is older, it would be nice to give an older kitty a forever home...however long that may be! Good luck with your decision.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Plain Jane said...

The Meezer looks so comfy on your log cabin afghan. The space heater incident reminds me of when we borrowed a kerosene heater on the 4th day of a power outage. We got it going and Sparky walked by. He immediately dropped to the floor & exposed his belly.. Cats & warm spots seem to go together!

12:35 PM  
Blogger PBnJ said...

I don't comment that often, but I really enjoy reading your blog. I LOVE your beautiful creations - your stunning bags, and lovely knits. Your cat is beautiful.
Thanks for being there. I appreciate you! :)

3:17 PM  

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