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Friday, October 30, 2009

Whew! More FO's! Another Cast-On!

Monday night, after my first yoga class in 5 years, I came home to a baked sweet potato (let me tell you, that's the ticket - put the thing in the oven before you go off to a class and come back 2 hours later to dinner!!), and then catching up on world events and finishing this:

This is the Knit for Hope hat that I promised a member of my knitting group. Oddly enough I used my old standby pattern from Needle Beetle and I love making it, but somehow this time, I used DK weight (the pattern calls for worsted) but then I upsized the needles! By one size...

So the knit is a bit looser than I'd like. Oh well. It will still keep someone's head warm.

I also finished the Orca Textured Shawl, but I'm going to block it before I show it. Perhaps this weekend!

Now it's back to other stuff that's on the needles...oh, well I did cast on this:

I was at my new knitting group (new to me) on Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago, and one of my pals had the neatest mittens! I asked for the pattern and was told:
"Mitered Mittens from Knitter's Almanac and I said, "I just bought that book!" I scurried around and realized that I had a lot of the BFL Sport in the Beached colorway (I know, you've seen this color before in shawl and socks) from Blue Moon remaining in stash (I do hope Tina brings back that colorway in the spring, I am going to need more of it, I think it's probably my favorite of all time). There's enough to do these mittens (I think) and so I cast on last night with my Addi Naturas size 2. I'd forgotten how much fun dpns are!

Still, I'm worried. I hand is small and this is a bit snug. I realize that after all, they do stretch a bit with wear, and I guess I could block them a tad larger, right? But I decided not to trust that, and upsized the needles to size 3s in mid-knit. I don't mind my cuffs being a touch snug and this way they will be!

I'm excited. I've never mitered anything before and this is fun. I was able to work on them during an online training session Thursday afternoon so I got a little bit of the first one done.

And don't you just love reading EZ? I feel like I'm talking to my mom and her sisters...

BTW...won't you stop by my good friend, Birdsong's blog, to give her a birthday shout-out and enter her contest? She's asking folks to relay their "life-changing experiences" as becoming a grammie has been one earth-shaking one for her! The deadline for the contest is being extended to November 6, because, she's kinda had her hands full (with a little bundle of joy!).

Now, be sure you have a great weekend, okay? Watch out for spooks and hobgoblins!


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