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Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day!

The day after Christmas is Boxing Day, the day the well-to-do went thru all and gave things to their more a "gift to the poor" day, I also look at it as a day to box up and put away, reorganize, straighten get my drift, I'm sure.

It's usually a quiet day in our house. I finished wrapping almost all the rest of the gifts for our second Christmas with the extended family next weekend - except for a couple of things still on the needles, or blocking...

For example, I cast on for this, the last knitted gift of 2008:
...and no I can't tell you what it is, just yet. After January 3, I will reveal all...promise. I can tell you that's alpaca up there in that photo - talk about scrumptious!

I finished the last of the dishcloths I'll be gifting...
(if this gives anything away? tough. They all know they get these things, they ask for them! lolol!)
The second Man's Chemo Cap is finished - I used Birdsong's estimate of 9 inches and then decreased the two inches of the 4x4 rib pattern using The Boy Hat Pattern and I think it's better, tho' perhaps a bit on the long side. Still, after speaking about it to the recipient, I'm assured it will be treasured, as once in the chemo room and for the duration of the treatment, apparently all the heat seems to leave one's body and whatever helps with warmth is greatly appreciated.

Kind of puts knitting into perspective doesn't it - okay, it's puts ALL of life into perspective.

I have another of these to knit yet. (sigh) Yes, that makes 3. The first will be reserved and taken to NoSoKnit in September. The other two have homes where they'll be useful...such a small token of concern, but my heart is in them.

Otherwise, today, I've been thinking about endings and beginnings. We've only a week to go (less, actually) before the end of the year. A year when I personally had both good and bad things happen, as most of us usually do. And much to be grateful for - you all, especially, and my customers, too!

But in a lot of ways, I won't mind seeing 2008 go. I'm very hopeful for 2009. I tend towards an optimistic nature, I think, and with the beginning of an historic presidency, I'm more so than usual.

I'll be putting together a post or two that deals with wrapping up my knitting life for the year, with plans for 2009 - maybe even three posts. I just looked over there at the sidebar to see how much I knit this year, and was amazed!

(I sewed, too...and worked, at least a little bit. Wow. I was busy!)

Now it's time to head back downstairs to work on this Secret Christmas gift, the last of the year. I'm also working on a WIP I'd like to finish before year-end, and I have a few orders to do, more year-end stuff for work and client as well...I think these last few days will be as busy as usual. All the better to take Boxing Day off.


Blogger Pat K said...

You keep so busy! Happy New Year and lots of good wishes for 2009.

6:42 PM  
Blogger Opal said...

You're such a busy bee! Take care of yourself okay?

2:06 PM  

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