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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday - An Early Mom's Day for Me!

Over on Nana Sadie's Place you can see what I did for myself for Mom's Day - this is tradition...I always consider this event my gift to myself...

And I wanted to show you the Trekking 176 socks - Rae loves them, I think, if only because they're the only pair of handknit socks she currently ownes.
She had them on today when I stopped by to gather the two skeins of yarn I'd taken over on Thursday...
Well, because it suddenly dawned on me last night that Rae doesn't have a swift and ball winder anymore. And I'd taken the skeins to her uncaked. (Not the brightest thing I've ever done, but then, I admit to being a touch harried the past few days - nothing like what Rae's been through, but still...). So they're back with me to be wound!

The Roanoke Valley Spinners and Knitters group are making squares to create a blanket for Rae (she knows about this, because she CAN read the forums on Ravelry with her phone). We're doing 6-inch squares knitted of sock yarns on size 1 or 2 needles, in the manner of MDK's beautiful blanket for Oliver. I've had a time getting going on these larger ones, the 4-inch squares that Kay had us knit before go much more quickly!

Still this is going to be gorgeous. I think Rae will be delighted with it!

I have to admit that I bought a few patterns from Anne today...I might have bought This, and perhaps This, and even possibly THIS! Not starting all of them yet, tho. I think the first might work nicely in The Meezer yarn that is awaiting a new pattern...since the last one (VLT Trinity Stitch Triangle) failed so miserably...

OH. And come back tomorrow - I've started another sock!


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