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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Just One Short Week Ago...

Kitt and I, distressed over the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, decided to start Cloths for Katrina KAL.

Tonight the membership stands at 225 and climbing. I have met (online, of course) some of the most amazing women. It is a chatty group, so if you'd like to join but wish to save the overstuffing of your mailbox, take the digest or special notices option for your membership!

I'm anticipating the first cloths arriving on Monday or Tuesday. We are planning on accumulating at least 100 before we re-box and ship out - hoping that larger quantities will be more appropriate and a bit less expensive to ship as well.

Soap is not crucial, tho' the original plan was to include a bar of soap with a facecloth. Soap will be available at the shelters, we know. If you'd rather forgo that, please do, or you can send coupons for soap! We've also had some generous donations from the handmade soapers, including my bestest pal Lynette at Enchanted Forest Soap here in SW Virginia.

Kitt and I are terribly grateful to the online community of knitters and crocheters for answering our call!

Briefly...I've made some progress on the Fibertrends Queen of Hearts shawl today, and am preparing for the St. Luke's Episcopal Church Craft Show in Alexandria VA next weekend, September 17...Nana Sadie Rose is hitting the road!


Anonymous ck said...

Isn't it wonderful how many people are signed up? Glad you thought of this :)

10:58 AM  

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