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Sunday, September 04, 2005

How Fast Can a Good Idea Multiply?

Well, if it's a good idea for helping and healing, I'd say pretty darn fast! Membership in Cloths for Katrina is climbing higher each hour, and even those who prefer not to join the group are letting Kitt or me know they want to participate. Kitt suggested a drawing, so on September 30 we'll have our first: if you send us a cloth we'll put your name in the hat; if you send us 10 cloths, we'll put your name in the hat 10 times! See how this inspires your commitment to this wonderful idea? After Sept 30, we'll have a drawing in the same manner every two weeks - and what do you win, if your name is drawn? A skein of yarn from either Kitt's or my private stash! We'll be building a database into CKKAL for those of you with allergies, so be sure to let us know...

Oh, don't worry about the soap? Clip coupons, or slide 50 cents per cloth into your package of cloths, and we'll take care of the soap on this end!


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