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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Cloths for Katrina KAL

Kitt and I have been moved to tears by the devastation in the Gulf states from Hurricane Katrina. Casting about for some way to feel as if we'd be doing something, not just writing a check, which helps, of course, but is just so impersonal, we hit upon knitted facecloths. Kitt has been thru her share of hurricanes, and understands the simple pleasure of having a clean facecloth and fresh soap - how good that can make you feel when you're hot, sticky, dirty, and tired.

So you'll see on the side over there ----> a brand new group - a new KAL (yes that makes 9 for me!) - the Cloths for Katrina KAL at yahoo. Please join us? If you knit or crochet, you can probably turn out a few of these pretty quickly.

Like everyone else, I have to watch my pennies these days...but here's a way to help that puts our hearts to our hands and our hands to our hearts! Knit what you can...



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