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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Lace Hearts & Knit Red KAL!

Just wanted to show you how far I've come with this Queen of Hearts shawl since I started on Sunday! That's 15 little red hearts you see there - 5 repeats of the pattern. I am in LOVE with Knitpicks Merino Style and I have changed my mind, this color is perfect! This yarn feels better than anything I've ever knit with, does not split, slips off my needle just right and holds together in the pattern just beautifully. I love it! I'm converted, yes, Sis Kitt, converted! There are still appropriate places for acrylic, but since I'm obviously not allergic to this Merino, guess what I'm gonna use? Doncha know it?

And if you'd thought about trying this pattern, I can recommend it highly! The chart is easy to read, and it knits along in a lovely cadence. What better? Well, all I can say is all the Lady Queens in the Knit Red KAL - take care of all your hearts! And try this pattern, you'll *heart* it!


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