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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Tagged Again! It's All Ruinwen's Fault....

Ok...the 23rd post (and I chose not to count photos, which are listed as posts the way I do Blogger), the fifth sentence - what on earth?

"Well four isn't too bad...
Can't help it, knitting consumes me, as does sewing...if I'm not doing one I'm doing the other...but one is more portable (guess?!?)"

I'm talking about KALs. I'd just joined my fourth one, way back in March when I wrote this...just look over there -------> and you'll see that knitting indeed DOES consume me, because there are 8 of those KAL buttons now...I haven't started the Corset Knit-Along yet, because I'm waiting for a couple of paychecks (or sales from Nana Sadie Rose) to fund the yarn purchase - but "the man from my past" fell head over heels for this pattern, as did I. Indigomuse is making it and I've seen hers at our Roanoke Valley Knit & Spin group, it's just the most lovely lace garment I've seen.

So you see, even months later, KALs are still a focus, knitting is still my passion (as is "the man from my past!"), and, OH is sewing! lololol!

Now let's see, whom shall I tag? I know...Indigomuse!


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