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Monday, September 05, 2005

Cloths for Katrina Update

Wow! Knitters (and crocheters!) are the greatest bunch of people on the net (I'm NOT biased, here folks!) - we put out the word late on Saturday night that we were starting this new Cloths for Katrina KAL...and here it is Monday night on a holiday weekend and we have over 50 members in the KAL already. Now...we also happen to know a bunch of people who are participating, but chose not to join the KAL, which is just peachy, too! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Keep knitting those facecloths and passing the word along - even people you know who are not involved in the internet knitting community - if you knit or crochet you are invited to participate. Let your local Stitch & Bitches, Knitting Meet-ups, and LYS's know, too. Heck, just for good measure I announced it to my high school reunion group (we're 31 years young...). Just let me know that you want to participate, if you don't want to join the KAL...

And while you're knitting or crocheting those facecloths say a prayer or two for the folks we're knitting for (the survivors of Katrina), the ones who are helping with the rescue and cleanup effort, and for our government officials, too. This disaster is taking a toll on everyone involved, so regardless of your political persuasion or how you feel about the handling of this crisis, everyone deserves our prayers and well-wishes.


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