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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Or Perhaps My Imagination is on Overdrive?

Well, sometimes we don’t know we’re wishing for something…and then we get it. And other times, we wish for something and don’t get that. But I suspect that what we get is what we need at that moment, whether we want it or not.


Well, it appears that the man from my past was really contacting me to be sure he’d said everything he needed to say…as in he’s ill and possibly clearing up loose ends in his life. I don’t know how ill, as I wasn’t informed. But I was firmly asked not to contact him. And I will honor that.

Maybe the stars (or whatever) are saying that all these loose ends in my own life are being wrapped up for me for a reason. Whether it means that I have more to learn about living alone, or whether it’s clearing things up for something else entirely, I really couldn’t guess. I’m not a soothsayer. And maybe I’m reading the man from my past all wrong, too.

I just don’t know. As we can never know. So I’ll keep knitting on the triangle lace shawl and making Nana Sadie Rose bags, and try hard to let life evolve at it’s own speed. I just hope it’s not warp-speed!


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