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Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm Still Here!

It's been a busy weekend...beginning on Friday night. So I've not been in the best place to post and for that I'm sorry - I worried some of my readers/friends and I do not ever want to do that! Please forgive?

As I might have mentioned, I'm trying to finish up orders and also create stock for the cat show in two weekends (sigh - that ticker just keeps ticking up there, doesn't it?). So Friday was a night for cutting madly, because I knew that part of my Saturday would be filled with this:

The littlest grandson turned three last weekend, but certain members of the family went north for a family reunion (I will no doubt be required to attend next summer, since they now know I will get on a plane). We congregated at the local pizza shop - yes, if you look closely you will see a pizza I couldn't have dreamed up had I wanted to - mac and cheese pizza! (Only a child could love it - some guy at the buffet said to my bemoaning comment, "well it fills them up." Touche, but with white flour and fake cheese?)

Anyway...the last order I had to finish before going away was one I unexpectedly received while at Sock Summit, for two of these:

You may remember the Violette I created for Jocelyn? Well it drew attention when I delivered it to her, and immediately 2 "identical, but different" Violettes were ordered. You can see, the covers are "identical" (same fabric) but inside?


If you ask me? Viva a difference! :)

And yes, they took ALL day yesterday, just to sew (the cutting and such happened on Friday - these are very labor intensive, but I think folks really like them! (I hope so!)

Today, I cut a lot of bags to sew this week, and finished this one:

I don't wear these colors, but I'll tell you I love love love this bag! (I know, do you think I ever dislike any of them? No, they're ALL my "chidren" and I love each one...just differently!)

I went to bed after midnight last night, and while I still have the Trekking socks OTN (and will finish them this week, late, but that's okay), I decided I couldn't wait any longer to put my STR Beached colorway OTN...
Those are my Addi Lace needles - and you know, I didn't plan it, I swear, but the cables are blue - and do they ever coordinate with this yarn - teehee...that's Knitnana, right? Color-coordinated all the way?

I did have "help" this weekend, of course:

She won't let me in the bedroom, tho' I tried and tried to make her...with my Siamese voice

I guess I'll just have to give up. She needs me in here anyway.

Meeze, you're so good to me! *wink*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Best Money I Spent At Sock Summit

I've detailed a lot about Sock Summit here, and almost three weeks later, I'm still thinking about it, and evaluating everything I did. Today was a day to distill some of my thoughts and try to convey a bit of it to you (since I was a tad under the weather).

I paid for two lectures, a 3-hour class, and 2 one-hour "wonders" - a little bit of change spent, and I wouldn't trade any of it. But if you take the two lectures out of the mix (which were totally awesome and on an entirely separate plane from the classroom experiences), the class that will no doubt pay me many many times over the original tuition price was Merike Saarniit's "Darn It!" one-hour class.

We had to knit a swatch as homework prior to the class, and bring contrasting yarn. And once class got started...she made us cut a hole it the swatch (about the hardest thing I've done in knitting, it was a lovely swatch...)
But then, she told us how to fix it...(ok, that's not the best sewing job, but normally? I use a sewing machine to stitch). you remember this?
My beloved Claudia's Ingrids Blues Mock Cable sock. I hadn't worn it very long when that hole appeared. And that hole? It was my soul (sole?) motivation for taking this class.

Tonight, while watching tributes to Senator Edward Kennedy, I did this:
No, it's not perfect...and I don't know yet, if I've put too much in there to make the heel comfortable to walk on, but it looks better, and I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.

Thank you so much Merike!

(OH...and if you happen to be headed to one of the next two Stitches events? I'd see if I could snag this class. Not just because it was worth every penny - but because Merike is so much fun!)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

And Now A Word From the SA:

Mommie says she's really beat, and is busy fixing supper, so if there's going to be a post tonight, I'll have to do it...

I can't believe she let me have the floor...ok, that's kinda odd to say since I live mostly on the floor, but as Mommie says, "I digress..."

We've been really busy this weekend, and I've had to work very hard as Mommie's sewing assistant to make bags for the show next month. We made these pretty navy bags yesterday:

And these black ones today...

Mommie said that the one in front of this photo is one she'd really like to keep and since there's a kitty on the front that looks like me, I guess I see why.

My job is extremely important:
I have to keep the sewing chair warm.

Of course, Mommie gets distracted when I'm in the room...
and so do I...

Very Distracted...

Umm...where was I?
Oh...Mommie's calling me to dinner!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Total Befuddlement Saturday..

Before I left for Sock Summit (yes, I know, here I go again, the topic that just won't end...), I considered the fact that those of us who were going were getting terrifically excited about what turned out to be a pretty amazing event, but that we were going to have to come home, the event would end, we'd come back to our lives, and the letdown would be rough.

I did my best to console myself, that I wouldn't have time for that, I'd be right into preparation for that Cat Show in DC (note the ticker's so darn close!), and of course, the rest of my work commitments...

(or not...depending on your perspective)

It does not matter how much I prepared myself, nor how much I have to do (in fact, I think that makes it worse).

The letdown is enormous. And I don't think I'm alone, either...(I'm seeing folks on the Sock Summit group on Ravelry continuing to discuss how wonderful the event is and when is the next one...and what was bought, and what their regrets are (yes, I've also participated in such discussions...I'm every bit as into this as they are!)

I'm trying to push myself, but I am also reminding myself that I wasn't as up to snuff as usual when I left on the trip, and I'm not bouncing back either...(surprise, again!) It was after all, major mileage and timezone hopping, which I have never done before...

So. I'm making myself to-do lists, and crossing things off. The old stand-by behavior for when a person is under stress of any kind - CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN, and recognize your TANGIBLE progress...

Yesterday I finished the Neopolitan Disco socks (that's my Personal Sock Club July edition, and is a plain vanilla sock with 2x2 rib cuff. I knit them on my trusty size 1.5s, but - this is complicated - I started on my new Addi Lace Needles, then realized I could not risk losing those needles to TSA, so I switched to the Hiya Hiya bamboos that The Meezer munched on, then to my least favorite set of Knitpicks Harmony needles (because the bamboos went on the feather & fan socks I just finished). I guarantee you they look fine, none the worse for the switching out of needles...
So that's my first accomplishment (knitting-wise).

I've been reading two EZ books - yes, I tend to do two or six things at once, why do you ask? Isn't that "multi-tasking?"): The Opinionated Knitter and Knitter's Almanac, both available from Schoolhouse Press. It seems to me that it's only appropriate to buy the books from EZ's company, run by her daughter, Meg Swanson, now. I wouldn't think of getting them anywhere else, hence the link you're given. We knitters need to support our own!!!

But I digress...

I'm reading EZ because I never have. (ok, don't get nutty on me, I haven't because I've never had any reason to want to knit a sweater, and that's where EZ was in my head - a sweater knitter - yes, I know I was dense. I'm working on it.)

I'm hoping to make a BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket) with the donated yarn from last year for NoSoKnit this year:

Yes, unfortunately, that is what I am required to work with. I'm not looking forward to it. Well, except that I do hope to learn something of EZ in the process...(of course, I know she'd recommend WOOL!)

Remember this yarn?
I started the toe before I left for SS09 because I had packed everything else. I left it at home. When I started working on it (this is the Personal Sock Club August edition, Trekking 173), I didn't realize I'd added 2 stitches more to each needle (4 sts total) making the width of the foot just too wide for me.

It was frogged and reknit yesterday...I'm now back where I was when I left for Portland. Because this is the August edition of the Sock Club, I'm hoping to finish it before I go to DC. We'll see...

Because of course, the reason I'm going to DC is the cat show, so you know I'm sewing too, right? I've been working on existing orders, too. Today I've washed fabrics, and am starting on regular laundry, doing some cleaning that is desperately needed, too...

And still not feeling all the best - not quite sure what the next step will be for my back, but I can tell you for sure that I'm not giving acupuncture a third try - it might be that my version of fibromyalgia just makes it too uncomfortable (I also cannot be hypnotized, for what that's worth), or perhaps the heat lamps affect my Lupus too negatively, but either way, it's just not for me.

Anyway. I didn't want you to think I'd fallen off the end of the earth, and I was at a good point for a sit-down rest between "stuff."

I'm fortunately not depressed (that was my very worst concern - that I'd come back from SS09 and slip into a deep funk, all the excitement gone...BAM). I'm very relieved about that!!! I'm just ...

Tired. Hm. That's it. I'm Tired.
(explains why it was almost 10 when I rolled out of bed today, right? Oh, well that and the RAIN...we're getting a bit mildewed around here - lots of storms, flood watches, BILL - that hurricane off the coast and a front, I think. Our beautiful Blue Ridge acts like the sides of a bowl, funneling water down into the valley that is where I live...)

Ok. Time's up. Back to work!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ten On Tuesday - Thanks Carole!

I finally signed up for the reminder, and perhaps I'll get this done before I read Carole's from now on?

My 10 Traits You Look for in a Romantic Interest are as follows (and realize there's no one filling the bill these days, so this list is open to change!):
1. Is Intelligent - I don't care about IQ, I care about the ability to think and...
2. Has the ability to communicate with words and full sentences (a grunt or nod just won't cut it) - enjoys conversation, too, about a lot of things, not just what happened at work.
3. Not afraid to hold hands in public - in short, something of a romantic.
4. Is perfecting willing to indulge in his own fascinations/passions and allow me mine (i.e. knitting, sewing...) - I'll stay home and knit, he can head to the golf course (or whatever)
5. Has a good sense of humor, but not one that's crass - you know?
6. Loves opera, the symphony, the theatre, and yes, even ballet
7. Doesn't mind stopping at yarn shops and fabric stores
8. Thinks the best way to "win/woo" me is with flowers, dinner out with a good red wine, a back rub (hmm...probably right)
9. Shares my political and religious beliefs (because I don't wanna fight anymore)
10. Loves to cook (or alternatively enjoys trying new restaurants). (Guess why?)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

We Have A Winner!

Just a short post tonight (after the last two that even Big Sis said were "LOOOONNNGG!). I wanted to follow through on my promise and let you know who won the contest...may we have a drumbroll please?

Margene! Not only did Margene send a lot of blog traffic my way for that contest...she also guessed CORRECTLY! The 750th bag was indeed the one in the middle, what I've called the Moderne Kitties Mera. I've emailed Margene to let her know and will be putting the prize package together to send out towards the end of the week...

Otherwise, things have been getting back to what passes for normal around here. I got the vet's books done this weekend, and a couple of loads of laundry, went out for a late birthday lunch with a friend and discovered a new quilting store (new to ME, it's been around a long time!). And I also did a little sewing! (and now must kick into high gear at the Bernina over the next few weeks...)

I also finished the Feather & Fan Trekking XXL 322 socks:
Shown off on my new sock blockers.

It's my normal feather and fan, toe-up pattern, but I finished the second sock on my Signature double points - ohhh...smooth as silk!

Hope your week is nothing less than smooth sailing!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Goodies, Goodies!! Or, Gifties & What I Bought At Sock Summit

I'll mention that if this sort of thing bores you? There's a new foodie post up on Nana Sadie's Place..but I kinda think most of you want to see these! heheh

Sock Summit was an event beyond my wildest expectations. The classes, the people, the Marketplace. Wow.

And then there were a few surprises:

This one I think was the best (and I'm not downplaying the others, but this one came from left field and was completely delightful, especially because it raised my spirits on a day I was feeling pretty low). On Saturday, I was overwhelmed and worn out, and went back to the room to rest a bit rather than do more sightseeing as planned. About 3, I felt better, and wandered back to the Marketplace to see who and what might be up. Jocelyn was there and told me I needed to get to the information center as they'd been paging me all afternoon! I couldn't imagine why. When I got there, I was told that someone had something for me, a surprise, and they paged the person. We all waited, excitedly, to see what was up (the gals at the information desk were as interested and expectant as I). Two young women appeared, one with package and a card, sent by someone who'd not been able to get to SS09 but wanted to surprise me:
Denise had made me an extra special luggage tag (it reads "Not without my Knitting" and sports two large knitted daisies with button centers, in case that photo isn't the best) and included the nicest note. It was another of those special moments that brought tears to my eyes. I sent her a hug via her friends, but I just had to share this with all of YOU, too! Stop by and say hi to Denise, okay? She's got an extra special occasion coming up in her life which made the trip to Portland impossible for her. But what a sweetie she is - and THANK YOU, Denise, I will treasure this gift - not to mention, never worry about losing sight of my luggage again! :)

Now I'll share the stash enhancement:
Jocelyn had blogged about this colorway of the Blue Moon Rockin' Sock Club a couple of months ago, saying it reminded her of me. Well, see what she brought me? It's Pepe Le Plume (and I surely hope this is going to make it into Tina's colors next year, because it's just yummy and everyone should have some!). Thank you, Jocelyn!!!

My partner in this trip, Dianne bestowed a scrumptious skein of Smooshy upon me. She had no idea that I have never knit any of it. I've heard so much wondrous stuff about this yarn! It's got very subtle purples in there with the navy so, tho' I'm bad at photos, I can assure you, it's one of the richest colorways I've seen...yummy! And thank you again, Dianne!

I think I might have mentioned last night, that Jocelyn is an excellent enabler? She was working with Chris from Briar Rose and enabled me right into this (yes, you'll want to make the photo bigger, I promise):
I have no idea what I'll make but there's 800 yards there of that merino tencel blend called SeaPearl. It's not up on her site yet, but will be soon (eta: It's UP!)...The button is perfect with the colors, and I loved the little spirals in it. Now. A shawl of course, (it's laceweight, yes) will be perfect - the button can become a shawl pin or even just somehow button the shawl? We'll see....

One of my very favorite yarn companies is Cherry Tree Hill, so I made it a priority to visit their booth. I was making my normal "My family is from Vermont, so it always feels like home when I visit your site," explanation, and I drifted towards the pattern wall...on that side of the booth was this:
A new potluck colorway, Aubergine. I swooned. I picked one up, and started to the cash register. I turned back, and picked up a second skein. I bought a CTH pattern for half-fingered mitts. I should have also bought their hat pattern I liked, but I felt gluttonous. As I began the checkout process, Cheryl told me, "That's a brand new colorway that goes with the e-book on our website. You're the first person to buy it, please post it on Ravelry?"

Oh my. Yes, I will. I promise. And here, too!

Something I'd promised myself I'd find, was a coordinating yarn for one of the Art Walk colorways I'd gotten. I was thinking of Ulmus since Birdsong, Margene, and Barbara had made such pretty ones. I loved the burgundy/greens in Roxy's yarn from 2008, so I snipped a bit of the greens and took it with me to try to match:
At Fiber Optics (in The Fold's booth) I think I found the perfect yarn. No colorway to tell you, this is one of a kind yarn...Don't you think the two are great together?

I wored my Beached Shawl That Jazz on day one, and decided that, with the chilly temperatures in Portland, I really needed to think about socks to match. So of course, at Blue Moon's booth, I snagged some STR:

Later, I snagged a Split Yarn pouch:
I'd thought to pick up one of her Box Bags, too, but she didn't have more of this fabric - we'll see the new items she'll be restocking with soon... (yes, we sewists buy each other's stuff, of course we do!)
Above too, are two shawl pins, a pretty smaller stick from Knitting Notions in bloodwood and a walnut spiral from Chappy's.
I went back later for the pin, but my first time at Chappy's I picked up the sitting cat sock blockers I've wanted forever. I've got another set unofficially ordered, I sent a photo of what I want, and as soon as my funds are replenished from this trip? I'm getting those, too!

On Sunday, I trundled back thru the Marketplace again, and realized I'd completely missed Sassafras Creations:
I've got my eye on a bracelet, the future. I just LOVE the pink aluminum earrings, though, and have worn them two days this week already!

I picked up a couple of books while there:

And then? Well, I'd planned on three major purchases, scrimped and saved with something in the luxury line in mind. Only two happened:
Yes. Signature Needles. I bought a set of 5, 1.5 mm dpns.

They knit like a dream...and didn't quite cost the earth (just almost!)
and I'm on the mailing list for the circulars they're fine-tuning. You can bet I'll have a set for socks.

Buffalo Gold had a "bailout" special...if you reserved in advance and brought yarn to donate to an excellent cause (the Butanese Refugees knitters group, which my friend Myrna Stahman is affliated with), you got a $20 reduction in the price of Buffalo Gold. I reserved. I cleared out my stash of not one, but several skeins for this worthy cause, and traded them in. It's amazing.
It's so soft. 3 patterns came with the bailout program, and I've yet to decide which I'll knit with this, but, I might have trouble getting it finished:
You see, I have competition for this skein...

The Meezer loves Buffalo. Who'd have thought?

(I am now officially on a yarn diet till NoSoKnit, the end of September.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sock Summit Events & People Photos!

This was a hard post to title, but that's it in a nutshell. Here's what I went to, and who I met at Sock Summit 2009 (click on any photo to make it larger!):

We got in very, very late Wednesday night (11:30 p.m. Portland time - remember Roanoke is 3 hours ahead, so it felt as if I'd been awake a long time) and the first thing Thursday morning I had classes. I had tried valiantly during registration to get the two lectures that were offered and I was very lucky and got them both. The first was this one:

Turkish Stitches with Anna Zilboorg.
These are Turkish Wedding Socks - I was stunned, truly, by the vibrancy of the colors. Anna explained that today in Turkey, you won't find anything like these anymore. Apparently, like the rest of the world, things are done more quickly and cheaply...
Here's the start of a Turkish sock being knit by Anna herself, using STR. I LOVED the toe-tuft, and Anna explained how she made it. I may have to try this - can you see that tuft peeking thru a Birkenstock sandal?
here are a few more examples...
and this is a bag Anna made using the same techniques. I found it beautiful beyond words, and yes, I can see myself trying to make something like this. I've never been interested in colorwork, but that changed on Thursday.

Anna Zilboorg (in the center of the photo below) is one of the most gracious women I've met in a long time. She was a professor of mathmatics at MIT, and is now retired and living about 2 hours south of where I live. In fact, I was so surprised to find that both she and Merike Saarniit are my "neighbors," both of them residing in the same mountain community near me!

I picked up a copy of Anna's Knitting for Anarchists and she signed it for me in the hotel lobby. I've since ordered her Socks for Sandals & Clogs from Schoolhouse Press.

My second class was with Chrissy Gardiner, learning to do favorite toe-up bind-offs. I'd pre-ordered a signed copy of her new book, Toe-UP!, which I picked up at SS09. Unfortunately, the photo I took of Chrissy was terrible - so dark you couldn't see who she was. I'm sorry about that. She was so much fun!!! My brain was totally fried, and I'm afraid this is the class it showed up in best. I got there with no dpns (left in my room) and for the life of me, could not figure out how to cast on with two circs as if forming a cuff (in retrospect, I was trying to do only 20 stitches, which is hard!). Well, I don't DO cuff-down, so perhaps I can be forgiven...I spent the class watching and taking notes!

Then, after lunch, it was time for Darn It! with Merike Saarniit:
I have to tell you, I think Merike is one of my favorite people! She's totally energetic, she's a great teacher. And she thinks like me: You've got these beautiful socks and you want to keep wearing them, even if they wear a hole...well, I'll tell you, her darned socks were amazing! I often couldn't find where she'd repaired them, tho' some of them had fancy stitches that were exquisite. I was delighted to learn what I did, and am going on the search now for some of the fancy stitchwork. Once upon a decade or two ago, I remember a sampler of darning stitches, which I failed to buy because I was going thru one of those financial times that stretch all the limits, you know? Bad mistake. I've thought of that sampler 100 times at least since then, and wished I'd bought it!!

OH! At lunch? I stopped by a lobby "classroom" to find someone I'd vowed to meet:
Judy Becker!!! I adore her. Not just what she invented (Magic Cast On, which she was teaching in 1-hour classes), but she's such a sweetie - we've been reading each others blogs for a long time, so we'd promised to meet. We're both sorry she was so busy with her teaching schedule, because we never got any time to bond. But we will - no kidding - we know we'll meet up again! (And I think this is one of the rare times when I asked someone to take a photo and it turned out really well!!)

I'm jumping around a bit here, but while talking about the classes, I might as well finish off the ones I had.

Saturday morning was the Barbara Walker lecture. One of the threads on Ravelry has been asking "When were you moved to tears" and this was the one time that really really did it for me...I couldn't stop the tears from flowing at all:
I've known about Barbara Walker for longer than I've been knitting (this time), I had read her books years ago (more than once), and she helped to form the "me" I am today. With understated elegance this woman explained her life, how she came to knit; to think, research, and write about feminist spirituality; to document the stitches that fill so many volumes and create methods to teach knitting and sweater construction. The sweater she is wearing is simply stunning...(and yes, her own design)

BTW...that's Jocelyn on the right of BW in that photo. This was another first, too, meeting Jocelyn. We knew each other on sight. We didn't get to spend much time together, either, as she was helping in the Briar Rose booth (oh, that's another story, such a little enabler she is, just wait till you see what I couldn't resist?). (And where the heck was all the time at this event? It just flew by!)

This was one of those photos that didn't turn out as I'd hoped. (sigh)

I can't say how moved I was by meeting Zilboorg and Walker. It's beyond description, but perhaps I'll try later, when I'm less tired and have time to think more clearly. When Barbara Walker ended her talk, Jocelyn and I were both sitting there with tears streaming down our faces. These women are our treasures. I felt as if I were in the presence of greatness, and obviously that's true. It was an extremely emotional experience.

I've gotta move forward, or I'll get too sappy for words...

I've already mentioned the World Record Knitting event, in last night's post, but I'll mention that we're not sure and won't be for a bit, if indeed we broke the record. The Guinness people have to review all the tapes and photos to be sure we did everything correctly (and yes, I'll probably frame that bit of knitting and the needles too (along with a photo or two that are not the best, so I won't show them here).

So what's this?
The Ravelry meetup was here (isn't that a gorgeous building? It's the World Forestry Center, and I love the post and beam construction - but those who know me, are well aware I've always wanted to live in a log home)...

And here's the Ravelry crew (with an unknown knitter in the middle, please identify yourself, if you recognize you! *wink*)

I finally met CatBookMom from Ravelry - we were getting our tickets to ride the MAX line to the Ravelry meetup, and I looked at her button and saw who she was! I was so excited!

Then, while at the Meetup, I found GlennaC:
As adorable as she was (catch that pose!) I had to do a closeup of these:

I've never wanted to knit knee-highs till now! Aren't they cool??? Make sure you click to see them up close!

Squiggy and I left early to ride the MAX back together - we were really tired!! She's so much fun, I was glad to end the day calling her a new friend!

On Sunday, I took the Spindle Spinning Basics class. While the teachers were great and funny, I learned very, very quickly that bottom-whorl spindling is not for me. There are those who've suggested that I'd be more comfortable with my Bosworth top-whorl. And since I volunteered with Toni of The Fold on Friday morning in the Demo area while she showed folks how to use just that style of spindle, I suspect that might be true. But honestly? I think I learned that it's just not what I want to do...for one big reason? Fluff. Fuzz. ALL OVER ME. In my nose, on my dark clothes...I was constantly looking for tape to clear it all away. The other thing? I like finished yarn. Really finished yarn.

There's way more that I want to knit than I have time to knit. I don't need another expensive hobby that will keep me from knitting (hmm...I really did know this before I got there, but it was cemented in my mind in that class). the afternoon? I was sitting and waiting for the Luminary Panel to begin when a woman asked if she could sit in the empty seat next to me...I invited her to do so and we began to introduce ourselves:
It was NorCalSheila! I was so surprised (let me tell you there were hundreds of folks all over the place so to actually have someone I "knew" walk up was always amazing....)

And that's probably the second best photo that someone else took with my camera!!

What followed was approximately three hours of laughter, wisdom, tears:

The Luminary Panel was everything it was billed to be. There were times when the questions didn't make as much sense as the questioner hoped, but hey, they got up to ask. The panel members did the best they could, and always offered something of worth, even if the question per se wasn't answered. I discovered women I didn't know, and learned from them.

And somewhere near the end, Meg Swanson asked Barbara Walker (for the second time that weekend, I'm told) if it were true that she invented SSK.

Barbara Walker, quietly, nodded her head.

(We're told that Amy Detjen cried when she heard it the first time in Meg's class.)

I did, too, on Sunday.

Blow me completely out of the water. I met the woman who invented SSK, the left leaning decrease so much nicer to use instead of K1, Slip 1, PSSO.

I truly feel blessed.


I honor the place in you,

which is of love, truth, light, and peace.

When you are centered in that place in you,

and I am centered in that place in me,

we are one.

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