knitnana: August 2008
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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Only One Day Left!

This long weekend has flown by! I have more bags and even a NEW ITEM to show you, but that will come tomorrow...promise!

I did want to show you this:
That is indeed the ill-fated Seaweed Sock in STR Hot Flash! The first sock is finally, FINALLY finished!
And here is the view of MY heel. The one I make with every sock. I probably should have carried the gusset up to a natural peak but was planning on knitting the cuff with an extra repeat of the small chart lace pattern, and since I had enough stitches, I just got started with it. No pretty V there at all, huh?

Oh, well. The sock fits. Which is more than I can say for my previous attempts! Live and learn...isn't it pretty?

And I'll show you something else pretty:
The Regia Jacquard in Florence. I'm just going to let the yarn show through on this one, and knit a plain vanilla stockinette sock. If I have time, I may polish my nails to match like Jane Brockett did. It's so much fun watching these stripes appear...

(These days, I'm very easily amused. But I'll take whatever I can get to give my mind a break - Since last Sunday, I've made 20 bags and many accessory items - in addition to working a full-time job. This is when it's a LOT of work to do what I do, because I do prefer a bit slower pace to things...)

So. Stop by tomorrow for a surprise?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

SOS '08 Socks - My Final Pair

I finally can mark the Blue Ox Tweed socks complete. Slogging thru stockinette is bad enough, reknitting almost every stitch because of splitty yarn? Ugh. I'm fairly certain I won't use the Knitpicks Essential Tweed yarn again in socks. The fabric is fine once it's done. But at least for me, using the very sharp 1.25mm Inox needles - I was either having to stop to reknit a stitch that I caught splitting as I knit it, or I was having to drop the stitch above it and slip below a row or two to correct a split stitch. It wasn't fun.

The "tweedy bits" in the yarn appear to be applied to the yarn rather than incorporated into it in the spinning process. As such, I want to run for my sweater shaver and buzz off the "pills" that are really tweedy bits!

Still and all, the socks are comfy, they're conservative (which I do occasionally need) and I surely didn't spend a lot on the yarn. Knitpicks serves its purposes and I won't give it a hard time at all...

Here are the completed socks...

As I was knitting off and hemming the picot edging at the end, I had plenty of help from my knitting assistant. She determined that overseeing the back of my sewing machine wasn't enough, she had to ensure that there was enough yardage available to run in the hem, and that I was following the instructions to the letter (see them under the sock?).

I intend to have a photo of the first Seaweed Sock, completed, soon (maybe not before the show, but I'd like to...). I'm at the end of the patterning and about to knit the k2p2 cuff. Then I'll be back to two pair of socks on the needles, as I have to take stockinette socks to the show. I can't knit a pattern and wait on customers! lolol

I hope you enjoyed hearing from The Meezer last night. I was just too tired to post, and I knew she'd been chomping at the bit to get her paws on the keyboard again.

I understand that she informed you about her Tabby Cat aversion. I don't understand it. We haven't ever had a Tabby (in her lifetime). Of course, she's doesn't like Calicos, either. Maybe it's like my ex-husband's white German Shepherd Dog who didn't like anyone in a uniform. And yes, that's another story all together...

Sewing has continued apace today, as well as purchasing a brand new iron - a Black & Decker with an INOX stainless steel soleplate! I said, "I know INOX! They make great needles! I'll bet this iron will be good, too!" And when I tried it out, I think I was right! This is a good thing. I'm very hard on irons when I'm making my bags...

I guess that's all the news that's fit to print.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sewing Assistant's Report...

"Hi. Mommie's had a long day and has gone to bed. She promised me I could update you, so, in spite of the problem of typing without opposable thumbs, I hope you'll appreciate that I might make a typo. I hope it's nothing awful, just something little."

"I'm Mommie's sewing assistant and she says that sometimes I just get in the way, but someone has to watch the back of the machine....that light in the front (the big white oval thing in the photo) is really bright but Mommie says it lets her see true colors in the fabrics and that helps her make her bags really cool...I just think it's super bright. It's also warm. I like that in the winter, but she doesn't let me up under it very often."

"Mommie says she has to make a lot of bags for the Cat Show. I'm not sure what she means by a cat show, but some of these bags are brand spanking new fabrics, and some have been on the shelves for a bit. Mommie always has a hard time deciding which ones to use, as she loves them all. I suggested the Tabby fabric in the Mera down below, because frankly, I don't like Tabbies much and would like to see this fabric disappear. Mommie says I'm discriminating against those who are not like me and that's not a nice thing to do. I love my Mommie, but sometimes I just don't understand her. The Siamese is the top cat. I'm surprised she doesn't agree with me."

"Today, Mommie made 7 of these Posy Sock Sacks that everyone went nuts over last summer. I heard her say she thinks that's a record for the number of bags she's ever made in one day."

"She says that's the reason she had to go to bed. I'm glad she did. I don't get many chances to talk to you all alone, you know? Sometimes I wish Mommie didn't spend so much time sewing, I like her to pet me and play with me, instead. But she says she has to be sure there's kibble for me and the Calico Curmudgeon. I haven't seen kibble come out of those bags, so I don't know what she means. But she's very serious when she says it."

"Before she was finished sewing today, she had Posies all over the cutting table, on the ironing board, on the stand she sets things on while she's sewing, and of course, in her lap. I've never seen so many bags at once! We should have lots of kibble, I think."

"Everything is all packed away now, ready to go. I'm not sure what she means, but when she packs things I get worried. I think that means that "ol woman" as she refers to herself is coming to feed and water us while Mommie is away. I hope she doesn't stay gone long. The "ol woman" is nice enough, but she's not Mommie. When Mommie's gone, I have to sleep alone. I don't like that at all..."

"I guess I'd better go up and snuggle with Mommie now. I'm glad I got the chance to fill you in on our very busy day. I hope I can chat with you again soon!"
...The Meezer

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Start of the Holiday Weekend...

My Friday was today. With the cat show NEXT weekend, I will spend the entire 4 days off sewing and I'm not sorry about that. But I will be very, very busy!

Want to see some pretties?
Two Knitnanas - one from brand new fabric (the red one) and one from "vintage as can be, out of print, no hope of ever seeing it again" fabric (the white one).
And two more Knitnanas, both of these fabrics out of print, only limited amounts left and I'll not hold my breath that I can ever see them again, either! (sigh) All the best prints disappear just a little too fast for my tastes!

And then, there's this:
For almost a year, I've coveted the Valkyrie colorway in the Raven series...and I kept looking for a shawl I wanted to make in fingering weight yarn.

What I love about Valkyrie, besides the obvious colors (and that it's STR, of course) is the text that accompanies the description of the colorway - Midwife of change. She will walk with you up to that door and be your witness as you walk through it.

Midlife has been an empowering time for me. I started a business, learned ever more about love, friendship, and family, but especially have learned about myself in the process...the colors of Valkyrie - saturated black, brown/rust, and plum - compliment my color preferences as well as my current lifestage. I wanted a shawl that would be affirming of that, enveloping, warm, and somewhat lacy. I didn't want one that would make me crazy to knit it...a satisfying knit, please? Some months ago, I knit and blocked a swatch of STR and discovered that indeed its lace would block (as did Judy, but her blog entry about it was so good, I never bothered to post about it!). So my goal was to find a shawl pattern that would reflect my Crone status, and be comforting as well as striking.

Abigail, who has been more likely to inspire me to discloths and socks than shawls, was knitting Seraphim (the Ravelry link; click Mim's site if you're not on Ravelry!). After very little thought, acting completely on my gut reaction that it would be perfect, I ordered it.

(and then ordered the yarn)

It arrived today. The colors in the yarn are identical to my computer monitor's representation of the colors. I'm delighted. I emailed BMFA to let them know.

So while some of you may think it odd that a 52-year old woman is considering the creation of a shawl to celebrate her Cronehood, that is exactly what I'm doing. I envision that this shawl pattern and yarn are the perfect combination, it's quite heavy with symbolism to me.

She won't be started for a bit...there are other WIPs to complete, and a show or two on the agenda, but my Valkyrie Seraphim is a landmark piece on my queue...She'll be my fall-thru-winter project - perfect for a woman recognizing that she's entering her personal autumnal stage.
Blessed Be.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


A fly-by posting....we're expecting inches of rain in the next two's started already. As long as t-storms don't enter the picture, I'm happy - we need the rain so badly. This is the result of Fay which has been terrorizing the southern US for far too long...still we don't mind quiet rain, and lots of it as long as it doesn't flood...

Here's my unexpected expense this week:
a brand new pair of Nikes. The old ones were 4 years old and deader than a doornail. I was stunned at the difference when I put these on. And lo and behold? My feet are better - not perfect, but so much better...still using the orthotics, and probably will forever more...but till I got these, I was really hurting a lot in spite of that steriod shot.

So, whoohoo! An expense I hadn't planned and really couldn't quite afford right now with the big expenses of the cat show looming, but still...I think I might be able to STAND at the cat show, now!

And I finished these today - another unexpected surprise - my SOS '08 Northern Lights Feather & Fan Socks. Cherry Tree Hill is just one of my favorite yarns and these did not disappoint - wonderful colors, soft, squishy yarn, and then add in my favorite pattern? It was a joy to knit these...

I think I might be able to finish the Blue Ox Socks before Sept 1, and if so, that will be 5 pair completed this summer.

And the Seaweed Socks are coming along - the heel is turned.
Stay dry, if you're in NC or VA, and I guess KY, too!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Remember Me?

I am still here...promise. Wow can you tell when you don't post? People stop emailing you, even! Obviously comments go way down, but if you don't pop up on people's Bloglines? I think you really do sort of disappear...

Anyway, I'm alive, I'm still "kicking" - oh, well, perhaps not quite considering the pain in my heel - lol

Here's one of the things I was busy with this weekend:
The little one in the middle had his second birthday during the week last week, and we had a party at our local pizza buffet (the boys all love it, and we can all afford to eat there! These days that's a huge plus!). A great time was had by all...the little one is enamoured of Thomas the Train. I wish I had the photo of him when he opened up his engine, but the camera was not ready, it all happened too fast. The look of wonder and sheer delight was truly priceless...(nope, it was a gift from Mom and Dad, not Nana - she was practical, of course, as nana's often are - clothes and all three of her favorite boys got Spiderman baseball caps, which were a hit!)

Sis-in-law kindly agreed to come back to my place after the party. We spent 9 hours (yes) cutting the makings of 8 bags for the cat show. I have the most wonderful sister-in-law in the world, you know? Mu-wah!

Last night, I finally (after a long phone call with the friend who chose and wound the yarn for the Hot Flash Seaweed Socks) gathered the nerve to perfom surgery on the ill-fated sock...
Below? The circular is inserted below the heel that will soon be history (again)...
And still a better view of that critical stopping point...

Post surgery, heel removed (you know, that sounds almost truly gruesome in light of the plantar fasciitis mess I've been going through! No...I'd rather not have my REAL heel amputated quite as this one was...thankfully, this operation was bloodless!)
And finally, in process of knitting my standard sock heel...the heel bed is about 1/2 way (it's taking longer to get there...these ARE size 0s, after all!
I took the Cherry Tree Hill Feather and Fan second sock to the birthday party and knit merrily away on it. Till I realized I'd messed up the pattern row about one repeat back. The sock was put away and tinked this morning during the news...Geesh. You'd think I was a novice sock knitter or something!
These are a few of the bags we cut (and I made) this weekend - all Mera's and one you've seen before. The middle one is a bit staid and respectable for Nana Sadie Rose as it's solid black outside with a pretty hot pink and lime green psychedelic kitty print inside. Even conservative gals can have a Nana Sadie Rose bag!
She's been at it all day, they were at it all day least she found my catnip pillow, but I wasn't much help as a sewing assistant as a result of being high as a kite today! The Meezer.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sew Sew Sew Sew Sew...

Even lying up here on the cutting table, she ignores me...I'm bored, bored, bored, while she sews, sews, sews... The Meezer

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time Moves So Very Swiftly Here...

There's something about August. It makes me a little crazy every year. It's HOT. It's usually humid. There are sometimes hurricanes looming and wreaking havoc. Our fiscal year at work is winding down, budgets have to be produced for the new year (which cooresponds to the Federal government's October 1 beginning)...School is starting...Fall is trying hard to make an appearance, at least in the retail outlets. And because it's school-time, it feels as if it should be Fall and I should be pulling out the wools and tweeds, which makes me want to knit knit knit knit knit....


It's August, and the Ticker above is counting down, and time moves so very swiftly ever more quickly towards that weekend that always comes too soon! NOT Labor Day!

National Capital Cat Show weekend.

And so. It's SEW SEW SEW SEW SEW....
(ha ha)
But. Desperately, as much as I have to sew, I want to knit. I don't get it. Both are creative processes and make my heart sing - why can't I focus on the sewing when it's necessary...why am I pulled in the opposite direction? (sigh)

And the other thing I want to do?

Cook. All the fresh veggies and fruits. I want to can, and freeze, and cook. (And of course, with Fall on the horizon, I want soups and stews and breads...)

So while there's really not a lick of time for this here you go:
The magazines jumped into my cart this week (there are some intriguing recipes in that Real Simple). The book I'd reserved at the library awhile ago and it finally arrived yesterday. It's a knitting novel, so you know I have to read it...

I really don't read or knit at home much these days. Only at work, and only at lunch. I read while I knit the stockinette parts of my socks. And oh, well I guess you could say I knit a bit at home - during the news, because, news junkie that I am, I still watch the evening news (local and national). And socks take shape during these hours...
Do you think perhaps my sock mojo is returning? I finshed the first Nothern Lights Feather & Fan Sock today and cast on the toe of the second one during lunch.

And, btw, there's more to the hairstyle story. It turned out to be not such a wonderful cut after all...once the mousse was out. The cut was . . . well. I had it recut tonight, different stylist. Give me a few days. I'll let you know how I like it, once I've played with it enough to know. She did say, "Do you feel lighter?" and I had to admit I did. Much lighter. But it's not super short. Promise.

Still. No photos until I can decide whether I can make it look decent or not. You know how it is? You leave the place knowing full well that you can never recreate what that stylist did. So you have to find your own way. It happens. It just takes a bit.


Now...I just wish I could put on the brakes a bit...time just trundles right along, you know?

Monday, August 18, 2008

More Bags!

When I saw this fabric, I just couldn't resist!
(click to embiggen)
And I don't normally do holiday bags, but this fabric was too cute...A Grace and a Posy ready for the National Capital Cat Show

(Hot Flash Seaweed socks are marinating. I'm working on the CTH Feather & Fan socks instead - they go's been a MUCH better day!)

Sunday, August 17, 2008


It's a darn good thing I don't make a living knitting socks.

Anyone following the saga of my version of SOS '08 Wendy's Seaweed Socks done in STR Hot Flash by BMFA will probably feel my pain here. I think the Plantar's Fasciitis has done me in.

Here...the FIFTH attempt to knit this heel:
Beautiful, isn't it? I LOVE this's so darn pretty.

It's the FIFTH time I've knit it (okay, not quite, I caught myself this morning when I made my forth attempt, before I'd gotten to this lovely slip stitching of the heel and ripped out the mess I was making of the short rows. At least I didn't have to go back too far. But.

Five times I've attempted this. The foot was too short originally. I did add to it. This time, I suspect I shouldn't have knit the gusset deeper (I went to the medium). The length is fine, tho'. Still, perhaps there's a pattern here - five doctor visits from Monday thru Saturday, five times knitting this heel? lol!

Please note, this is my REAL heel (yes, it's the one that got shot, but I don't think that has anything to do with it...and you can't even see the little bruise from the needle - I'm sensitive to my readers squeamishness!)
Can you read that ruler?
Can you read this one?

Sigh. The heel is WAY too wide for my foot. There's too much fabric to be comfortable in my shoes.

I give up.


I will commence ripping, and will knit the heel using the heel I know fits. It has taken me way too long to knit these socks (and this is just the first one!). This time, I'll knit what I know works...and keep the pretty lace pattern.

I'm really hoping that my personal calendar considers that today is the LAST day of LAST week, and not the FIRST day of THIS week! (Sorta like the Day Runner calendar, ya' know?)

I just have to laugh. Crying makes not a whit of sense. And after all, it's JUST knitting, right!?!

Quick Answer to Penney

Hi, Penney! Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog, and take the time to post a comment! I can't reply it, tho,' because you don't have that aspect turned on for your blogger profile, but the answer to your comment (and for anyone else who's wondering) is - YES! I do sell the bags I make. Please stop by my website at Nana Sadie Rose or come see me at the National Capital Cat Show at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly Virginia on September 6-7, 2008! I'd love to see you, talk to you, or just work with you via email to create a bag or knitting accessory just for you!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Need a Do-Over...

This week has been the week in which I single-handedly tried to keep the medical establishment in this country not just on it's feet, but highly profitable.

I had 5 doctor visits. Yes. FIVE.
A dentist. A retina specialist. (Those were both 6 months checkups and darned if they don't always fall in the same week. Those were planned.)

But then? OH. Well...remember my comment about getting a steroid shot in my foot? Well, plantar's fasciitis is a literal pain in the heel. I've been contending with this for a couple of weeks and could no longer stand limping around. Seems that people with fibromyalgia have more trouble and more pain with PF. (Of course, we have more pain with anything that comes along, why should this be different?)

So...I called my family doc for the referral. But she wanted to SEE me. And then referred me to a podiatrist. Who gave me the steriod shot that everyone knew I'd get. And told me to wear special orthotics in my jogging shoes and forget about sandals and barefeet ever again. That I would not even walk barefoot in my house from bed to bathroom in the middle of the night (yes, I have slip-on jogging shoes for that.

The good news is that my heel is not killing me anymore. The bad news is the orthotics are (normal, have to get used to them).

So that do-over up there? Well, I wish I could go back and have a good week!

Hmmmm...did you count those visits? I only mentioned 4 didn't I? But I told you I had 5...

Well. Today, the Calico Curmudgeon let out a series of screams - I was in the sewing room downstairs making these for the upcoming cat show:
and these to deliver at that cat show, but satisfy an order from the Star City Cat Show last month:
(no sorry all this fabric is long, long gone...but that's a Mavis Knitting bag and a Rose straight knitting needle case.)

And here is the sad lady herself...Oh? She doesn't look sad to you? Hmmm...You're right again!
This little girl is not a talker and certainly NOT a screamer. She looked pretty peaked by the time I got up the stairs to check on her (only a couple of minutes). So I gave her fluids (which she hates), and called her vet, my business client.

We rushed her over. Checked her out. Nothing. Can't find a thing wrong with her. She's scarfing down every single thing I will let her have. Roast beef. Canned fish. Kitty treats. Oh. And Catnip.
Yes, The Meezer got some of that, too...

I have no idea. But we fixed the CC. She spent the entire visit at the hospital shaking in her boots. (She HATES the vet) As her doc said tonight via email: "She knows her mean Mommie with take her back to that awful place if she acts up again!"

Yeah. Right. Mean Mommie...

I've got to go balance my checkbook now! The economy is hanging by a thread, but I'm bolstering it all I can, folks!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Oh...those "itches" we get...for something new?

I've been growing my hair out for years (4 to be exact). I've gotten it trimmed and styled essentially all to one length over the long haul. I've been totally amazed at how my hair grew so long and straight this time around! It was always way too thick, but it was strong, and with a natural curl that's enough to be frustrating but not truly curly - when it was short, for example, I still had to have a permanent to get curls instead of frizz. Remember the late 60s - early 70s? We all wanted straight, long hair, and ironed it to get it that way? Well, mine never would do that (ironing was my way of life, but it never grew much below my shoulders and just looked funky). So the fact that it had finally done what I used to want it to do, and looked good, several inches below my shoulders - it was delightful! And I've enjoyed it. The hair was healthy...ok. Probably I'm being a bit too rhapsodic about it now, huh? was too long. And too much - thick and long, all one length, with my lifestyle? I would shampoo once a week because I simply could not stand the drying process (my arms above my head that long just hurt my shoulders too much, especially with my recurrent bursitis...). And I don't have time for curling irons or electric curlers, I'm surely not sleeping on juice cans like we did back then...

I've complained a bit too much. I was sick of it. Two weeks ago? I called my hairstylist - the woman who was my very first boss, way back my senior year in highschool...she STILL does my hair (no one believes me, but it's true). She was a young, really young, beauty salon manager!

She scheduled me for tonight..."we'll look at pictures before we do anything!"

I decided last night to document here I am, pre-cut, a photo showing the longest my hair has ever been...(I do a lousy job of self-portraits, I know). I can't help it...I think I really look old in that photo...

Today, I had an appointment about my foot - diagnosis is plantar's fasciitis, and I've an appointment with a podiatrist tomorrow (yes, a true sign of aging, at least in my mind - going to the foot doctor!). I've been assured that there WILL be a steroid shot in my heel and orthotics (ARRGH...grandma shoes? PLEASE tell me I can at least still wear my Birks?)

Feeling thoroughly "old" I went off to my hair appointment and we laughed and carried on as we usually do - my Wonder Stylist showed me photos, we decided to be conservative, cut 3 inches off the length and make small stab at shortening 2 layers at the face...

I HATED IT. Truly. I looked like Yoko Ono. And while she's fine, nothing wrong with her, I never thought I wanted to look like her. (sigh)

I knew Wonder Stylist was waiting to see where I went from there (she said, SHE liked Yoko Ono).

I asked, "Do you remember the SHAG?" And of course, she did...we debated...another friend, a hairstylist who knew me from "back in the day" (at the same first after-school job) came over and she put in her two cents worth. "I think it'll look nice." They both explained the process (because believe me, had they not? I'd have freaked! And they knew it).

And then another customer, with equally long hair egged me on. "I've been listening to you. You know you want to. JUST.DO.IT! Besides, I want to see what it looks like, because I have the same problem you do. And I'm about your're right, the straight, long style doesn't really look the best on us."

Wonder Stylist was silent. She had my hair, gathered into her hand, pulled up in a ponytail above my head. She indicated that she would cut just under her hand. (That's a LOTTA hair - whacked off - but, sadly, not enough for Locks of Love!)

I covered my eyes. I held my breath!

"Okay. Cut it."
Now this shot is after trimming up after the initial WHACK, and doing a touch of styling. But just a touch, because I don't have time to do much so I wouldn't let her do too much.

In essence, I got two haircuts tonight, but Wonder Stylist knew better than to do the shag to start with. I'd have freaked. Way too much too soon...(She had told the customer who "egged" me on, that we were old, old friends. Thank goodness for that.)

Here's the best shot of all - the "Two Old Friends"
Wonder Stylist and me. LOVE YOU, HON! And I love my hair!

OH. And in honor of the heel that will be shot tomorrow? I turned the heel on the CTH Northern Lights sock.

It's been a big day. And that's some kinda change up there, doncha think?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Well! I NEVER!

...have had 3 pair of socks on the needles all at once!
But last night, sick to death of the Blue Ox Tweed (it's soooooooo boring, it's so splitty, it's so NOT tweed!), I cast on for this:
DD gave me this lovely Northern Lights colorway of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn last year for my birthday...she bought it IN CTH! I specifically asked for this colorway...and I've allowed it to marinate for a year. It was time. I wanted the luxury of CTH in my fingers...

And Miss Muffin is modeling so sweetly, that you might fail to notice that the dark yarn is sitting on - bamboo circs!

Wendy recommended the Hiya Hiya bamboo circs last week in one of her posts, and I immediately saw that the price was 2/5 less than the Crystal Palace bamboos which were the only ones I'd seen to date in the 16-inch length. I like CP needles, but not their price. Hiya Hiya's 3/5 of the cost including the shipping was intriguing and I like these needles very much.

Now...I won't go so far as to say that if Knitpicks would make the Harmony's in a blonde wood combo that I'd look the other way and stay with the Hiya Hiyas. But...they are really nice and since Knitpicks hasn't made the move yet? I'll live happily with these till they do (if ever).

But I surely do hope this is the last pair of socks I put OTN till at least 2 of them are done!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

OMG! Cuteness Alert!

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Delightful Project...

Dave has a wonderful Christmas memory of his Aunt Linda who passed away recently. But sad as that is, he's come up with this wonderful idea to pay tribute to her.

I've signed on.
I know 3 little boys who would be starry-eyed over the thought...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

And A Very Busy Sunday!

Of course, it 'tis the season for busy at Chez Nana Sadie Rose so that post title is a bit blah. It's been a day of errands and sewing...things I'll share later in the week.

Before we got started on the day, tho', while watching the morning news, we heard "cheep, cheep, cheep" and The Meezer headed for the window. I wasn't sure which one she'd go to, not having the keen sense of hearing she does, but up onto the storage bin/come kitty perch (can you believe the color of that vintage blanket on top? Yes, it's true 1970s!) she hopped...I wandered over and she looked up at me expectantly. I didn't move, trying to see thru the blinds myself to see what was up. Suddenly, it's butt, butt, butt...Come ON Mom, raise the blinds, get them outta the way, NOW! and I'm not so dense, but I decided the blind had to come up very very slowly or we'd scare the birds...It wasn't fast enough for The Meeze, tho', and she butted the blinds two or three times with her head to try to help me along with it...
Oh, Yes! There they are, Mommie, I'm gonna get them...

Now Meeze, you can't go through the window.
I missed the shot where one whizzed past so fast and her head snapped to and fro! lol!

Birds, Mommie! Birds!!! and she chittered away...but the birds did fly off.

So, bored...she came back to beneath my chair with - what do you know?
Play, Mommie, it's my tearstrip!

I'd found it the other night...under the sofa (when I was looking for the catnip bag, which has somehow disappeared again) !
Oh Mommie, I do dearly love my tearstrip!

I just wish I had more time to play with her...

Saturday, August 09, 2008

How I Spent My Saturday...

It's been a busy day, with laundry again...I somehow manage to make it a couple of weeks or sometimes even more without doing it - but then it's critical to DO it, so I'm up and down the stairs like a madwoman doing several loads at a time...I'm not sure which is better: to do a load here and there, or pack it all into one day?


I've knit a few rows on Boing! last evening, but mostly have been battling with a fibro-flare and even the theraputic massage I had early in the week didn't do much to stop it. I suspect that the weather is to blame, with ups and downs in the humidity (it always wreaks havoc with the muscles - and there 'ain't no way around that summer humidity, ya' know? But then the next thing will be the temperature swings as fall begins, so there's no way around that, but through it, doncha know?).

Life doesn't stop. (At least I hope not anytime soon! lolol! For all the inconvenience of a fibro-flare, it could be a lot worse, and that's the truth!)

So...I give you the other results of my Saturday - I won't show you the laundry! *wink*

Two Mera's for orders placed in the past month:
Loons on the Lake will be sent north to Vermont for an auction that will raise funds for a special person in need...
Pink Watercolor Kitties looks familiar, but because of the difference in lining fabrics I wanted to share it with you...remember this one (amazing the difference just the lining makes, right?)'s been a busy day. I'm headed for the heating pad and some muscle relaxers. I intend to sleep well tonight! :)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Spoiler Alert!

If you're in the Art Walk Sock Club then you might want to click on by today...because I simply cannot wait any longer to show you this month's yarn...

It's inspiration was THIS painting - Zen Peonies. I adored the pinks, burgundies, and the browns and beiges...I saw the sage green and thought, well? I wonder if Roxie will add green to the mix (and thought I'd like it better without, but you all know how I feel about greens, yellows, and oranges, right?). Well the yarn came the first of the week...and there was green. I took a deep breath. Ok. it's gorgeous. I wish there weren't green, but it's gorgeous...

And then I tossed it down on the table (next to my favorite purse for this time of year into the fall) and what do you see?

Oddly enough? It's an absolutely perfect match.

Serendipity - Roxie, you've done it again!


I honor the place in you,

which is of love, truth, light, and peace.

When you are centered in that place in you,

and I am centered in that place in me,

we are one.

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