knitnana: September 2006
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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Whirlwind 24 Hours!

First of all, I want to report on the amazing Wynonna concert last night - our tickets were ALMOST on top of the stage (stadium seating) and since both SIL and I value our hearing, we moved quite a way back to get what was not so great viewing, but easier on the ears sound! She's just a terrific singer (and no, I'm not a C&W fan) but she's branching out, singing some old standards, and has the voice to belt them out. We had a wonderful time, including a nice deli-sandwich dinner beforehand.

Then today, the NoSo Knit-in I linked you to yesterday...oh MY! 100 knitters in one room with 3 vendors of wondrous yarny goodness...Here is one view of the room, showing Orchardside Yarn Shop up against one well as a bunch of us wild women!

Then a 180 degree pivot shows the other side of the room with Carodan Farms on the left wall and Bovidae Farm from Mars Hill, NC on the right wall (along with a bunch more of the maniacal knitters...)

This photo shows only a small part of the yarns accumulated for the Alderson Women's Prison knitting/crocheting program...I'm told that the PT Cruiser of the woman carrying all of this to WVA was completely stuffed to capacity! We "Done Good!" Additionally, participants donated many handknit scarves for the 3 area hosptals' breast cancer centers and other knitted items for our local battered women's shelter. didn't really think I was good the entire time, did you? Of course not! This is the booty shot...the yarn in the back (the light yellow acrylic) is for next year's handknit items - this yarn is donated by wonderful organizations. In front of the acrylic you'll find my three yarn purchases: On-Line Supersock in Sierra, Claudia Handpaint in Chocolate Cherry, and yes, that's three skeins of Koigu in a lovely dark teal greens and blues colorway (there may be another Traveling Vines scarf in my future). Stephanie says, "sock yarn doesn't count." Right?

In the foreground you'll see some of the "treats" we got in our "goodie bags" Isn't that Llama pen just the cutest? and then I picked up the ChiaoGoo 5-inch size 1 bamboo needles - I keep getting shorter and shorter lengths of dpns!

I think someone feels as if she's been abandoned...
You left me for that? The Meezer

Thursday, September 28, 2006

What a Week!

Amazing. I don't know what else to say.
I'll start here. This is the Lacy Prairie Shawl in colonial blue Caron Simply Soft that I somehow managed to finish this week in advance of Saturday's NoSo Knit an annual local knitting event. The admission is one handknit charity item. I'll be there on Saturday, enjoying the company of a lot of knitters and shopping with some awesome vendors, too.

LOTS of thank yous go out to Lori E, my Knitters Tea Swap 2 Secret Pal for the wonderful box I received today. These goodies (plus the wonderful Wing o' the Moth shawl pattern she emailed me earlier in the week) were far more than I ever expected! I'm especially excited about the Knitting for Peace book she's been on my wishlist...Lori said she had read of my charity knitting on my blog.
I think that's just about perfect, don't you? addition to these neat things, I won a contest on Rebecca's blog...she emailed me today to say that not only had I won her moving contest (along with 7 others - congrats to all of us!), but I also correctly guessed the book she and "Mr. Twain" were reading in the photo from her vacation (there were 3 correct answers and we all won something - whoohoo!)! So I have goodies on the way from Rebecca! Of course, I'll share pics when they arrive...I'm just so excited - I had only just discovered Rebecca's blog with this move - so I really won more than her contests! I've won a new friend, too! How cool is that?

As if all this were not enough...I was delighted to find that my Chocolate Swap Pal had received the package I sent along to her and she was pleased with the contents...go look! (...but remember to come back, okay?) I sent along an Oressa DPN case from Nana Sadie Rose... you see, she's a sock knitter who uses dpns, too! On opposite shores but with a common connection - so neat!

Oh...and one more thing (I know, you're getting tired of the abundance?) - today I was half-listening to my radio station. I heard them say..."I'll take the 10th caller for tickets." I could only hope it was the concert tickets I had been wanting a chance at all week. So I dialed. "You have reached..." Canned recording. I redialed. And got a connection with silence. "Hello?" I said. "Umm...two questions: Are you calling for this concert?" "Yes." "Can you pick up your tickets locally today or tomorrow?" "Yes." "You are a winner!"

So I'm going to attend this lady's show tomorrow night!

Like I said, WHAT a WEEK!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

ROFLOL! You.Must.Go.See!

HERE. I, too, can relate.

Socret-Pal Questionnaire

Okay - here's mine! I'm so excited! ooohhh...I got MY Spoilee and am emailing today! Hope my Spoiler can use this info - but if not, let me know!

The basics: How long have you been knitting? A lifetime! Since I was a teenager.

Do you consider yourself a beginning sock knitter, an intermediate, or have you been doing this so long you could probably knit a pair in your sleep? Beginner for sure – only on my 3rd pair of toe-up socks.

The measurements: While your pal may ask for some additional info to ensure a great fit, please provide your shoe size, or any other fitting related info you think is pertinent. (fiber related) My shoe size is a women’s 6. (USA) Ask if you need more info. I can tell you how I knit mine...

Favorites: What colors do you love? Purples, all shades of blue, pinks/fushias, chocolate browns, emerald greens, black.

Do you prefer solids or variegated? either

What fibers do you most love to knit with? Merino, superwash wool (for socks).

Who do you consider your favorite yarn vendors? I buy from Knitpicks and elann as well as various sellers on ebay – I love Koigu, CTH, and Roxanne's Zen Yarn Garden. I haven’t tried Claudia or Fleece Artist, but they’re on my list.

What projects (other than socks, of course*S*) do you most enjoy knitting? Lace SHAWLS & scarves!

(fiber related) Dislikes: What fibers can you not stand to knit with? Not fond of acrylic tho’ I do use it for charity knitting.

To wear? What colors would you never wear? Yellow, orange, rust, greens that go to the yellow side (lime, chartreuse, avocado).

The Tools:
Plastic or Metal? Really try not to – but the Knitpicks dpns are intriguing.
Bamboo or wood? YES.

Circs or Straights? Circs.
DPNs or Magic Loop? I use DPNs but am interested in learning to knit with 2 circs.

Are there any knitting accessories you don't have in your collection but would like? Embellish-Knit I-cord maker!

The Extras: Do you have a wish list? Yes.
If so, please share the link! On the sidebar of my blog….
Do you like sweet, sour or salty? (or all of the above? *S*) Sweet, salty

Do you have any allergies your pal should know about? SMOKE – since I quit I can’t stand it.
Favorite scents? Lavender & chamomile (think Target!) and rose
Scents you can't stand? Strong perfumes
Do you collect anything (other than yarn and knitting toys of course)? Cats (not the real ones…tho’ I know you might be fooled by my blog!) and vintage sewing items

When is your birthday? (month and day is fine!) July 11
Do you spin? Nope
Dye your own yarn? Nope
Your favorite author/band/vacation spot, anything you think will help your pal know you better... My “favorite author” is hard to pin-point, tho’ I’m addicted to knit books. Love Michael Buble’, Mozart. New England. Maine Coast.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Eye's Bigger Than ...?

When you pile too much on your plate at dinner, the old saw is "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach!" So what's the corollary to that for too many knitting projects? These two patterns from Jackie E-S via Margaret (Thanks, Margaret, for such speedy service!) were at my door when I got home tonight...In light of this morning's surprise from my KTS2 SP, and all the other patterns you all KNOW I have waiting for me...well...I'm feeling the equivalent of Turkey-day over-stuffed!
For those interested in knitting Jackie's lovely new "Thinking of You" scarf with the heart motif for a good cause, visit Tina's website. Tina and I both attended WomenHeart's Mayo Clinic Leadership Symposium for Women with Heart Disease, just in different years. We found each other thanks to my yahoo group KnitRed KAL.

Oh, and on the current knitting front - that navy thing in the front of the photo? Well let's just say that once this Entrelac tote is finally felted, we're in no danger of me spending a lot of time on felted bags...I absolutely despise knitting really, really makes my hands hurt! But the bag itself was a lot of fun!
Happy Monday!

Tea-ser Monday!

Starting my week off just right, let me tell you! My Knitter's Tea Swap Secret Pal made my day (my week!) by dropping me a "loaded" email this a.m. The notice she'd be mailing out my package soon, but in the interim here's this little treat to start my week. What, you say? Oh just Wing o' the Moth shawl pattern! I'm just toe-tapping all over the was a little bit gray this a.m. but the sun is shining brightly now, in more ways than one! Thank you SO MUCH, Secret Pal!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday Night Update - Tweed!

I go to bloglines and what do I find? Dave is enabling me right into another KAL - Tweedling Along! Well it just so happens I've been waffling on the fence about this yarn for some time now...
So this was just the little extra "push" I needed, I guess.
And no, I know that color is known as Shrew, but that doesn't reflect my personality! I swear!
The good thing about this KAL is no real pressure as it's not over till March sometime...which is really good. I bought enough of this Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK to make another Highland Triangle Shawl - and unless I'm enabled right into another pattern by someone else (Birdsong? Jane? Deb? Chris?) that's what it will probably be. I love that pattern.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hard to Believe, I Know...

But Nana Sadie Rose is about much more than cat bags!
This elegant batik Mera is for Roxanne in trade for the Meezer yarn she dyed for me!
And this (Aqua Poodle Power Mera - also available in pink) is an order from the Star City Cat Show last July. It's a Christmas gift for someone, so didn't have to be "rushed." I wanted to finish it before I started the National Capital Cat Show orders...fair is fair, after all!

So you see, we even do dogs!!!
(The Meezer is think I'd mention dogs on my blog - or within earshot of her highness!)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Fun!

Mommie's on the other end of my tearstrip!

And I just love it when it's cold enough for her to have the quilts out...They become mountains and valleys to hide around
and I get to play tug of war with Mommie

I love Fridays...
I know it's here somewhere...
Have a great weekend!
...The Meezer

Monday, September 18, 2006

Here We Go Again...

I'm back to lying on the floor waiting for her to stop cutting, or sewing, or pressing, or packing the bags up for mailing...
my tearstrip is at the ready (sigh)

...The Meezer

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Chocolate Swap, Cloths, A Casual Sunday! much - this has been a good weekend! A really relaxing Sunday, for me, anyway!

I have my partner for the Chocolate Swap (this is not a secret pal thing, we know who our pals are!) and her blog is HERE. Click on the link over there in my sidebar to see who else is participating in this swap...I can't believe I was matched with another sock knitter! This is going to be such fun...I already have some ideas for my swap package...

And I finished my Lacy Diamonds dishcloth today - it's only been sitting here by the computer for most of the summer! Don't look took closely, you'll see where I got off in the pattern - it just sat here too long and I forgot to write down what row I was the time I realized my mistake, I was too far along to frog - it's a dishcloth, after all!

I have a pretty Butterfly Cloth pattern I'm going to knit up in lavender (the butterfly and the color lavender are symbols of SLE - Lupus - which I have). The needles are sitting here with the lavender cotton all ready to cast-on. Btw...I was at Wal-Market yesterday and saw the best stock of Peaches & Cream in lovely colors that I've seen in a long, long time! Knitting must be catching on, whatcha think? lolol! If you're knitting cloths and wondering what to do with them all try joining us at Cloths for Crisis. We're a low-key group that knits dishcloths in advance of a bad situation and then distributes them as needed. We'd love to have you join us!

Otherwise, it's been a relatively calm day. I also finished up my client's books for last month (this is my part-time job!), so I can relax for a couple of weeks on that, too! Meezer likes hearing the word relaxing, but what she doesn't know is that I've got to get busy on some orders for Nana Sadie Rose...
Did I hear her say she was going to start sewing again? Rats... The Meezer.

Yup, Sewing will return very soon. But for today I hope your Sunday is relaxing!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Stash Enhancement eXpedition! Well...ok Not SEX

Have fun with that title Google!

I decided it was time to pick up the yarn for my planned scarf for the Red Scarf Project 2007 in conjunction with the Orphan Foundation of America. I'd already thought I'd participate this year, then Catherine and Deb both mentioned it on their blogs, and I figured I'd better let my readers know about it, too! (Oh! Deb's having a birthday contest, too, so go check that out...yes, I'll wait, but hurry back!) So in the neat basket I found at Wal-Market this afternoon (neatly lined and with leather handles!!!), you'll see two bits of yarny goodness - Lion Brand Wool-ease Thick and Quick in a wonderful burgundy, and then that's Peace Fleece in the Moscow Magic pink colorway - two skeins from Kary!

It's destined for hats - don't you just love that pink-flecky goodness?

I have to tell you, it's been a long time since Knitnana spent an afternoon shopping for the fun of it. (Yes, I shop for fabrics all the time, and it's fun, but that's not quite the same thing...) I'm still really tired, but I'm also feeling a strong need to "nest" - so one of the fun things I did was to buy some silk sunflowers to add to arrangements on the front door and on the dining room table, to welcome the change of seasons...I don't just want to knit, now I want Autumn to appear!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday...Where Does the Time Go?

We've been a tad under the weather today, so it's been just the girls and me at home. I think we all had to recover a bit from the excitement of last weekend's cat show. The girls had to recover from being without me for 4 days! I was just tired.
The Meezer just didn't feel like a photo shoot, so The Blonde Bombshell cooperated instead. You can see that a certain Siamese "turned her tail" on me in the process!

I've done a bit of straightening, a bit of sorting and a bit of knitting.
This is the Blue Caron Simply Soft Lacy Prairie Shawl from Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle that I'm making to contribute to a good (local) cause at the end of the month. More about that later...And I've still got a ways to go in the knitting on this. I'm a member of the Folk Shawls group on Yahoo, but this pattern isn't the current KAL. It is, however, just about the easiest lace I've ever knit! And when I do charitable knitting, I want pretty and easy, combined. This is it! It's also my second time through this pattern, and the first one, a Victorian pink, is now being well-loved by it's recipient! In fact, I understand that the only time the 92-year-old-lady would agree to have it off was when her daughter promised her it would not be ruined by a wash! You just gotta love Simply Soft acrylic!

I also have meant to tell you about a blog contest going stop by Geraldine's and see what's up with The Mitz! (Just a hint - she's not a happy camper!) I just love Geraldine's blog...if you aren't finding knitting and crocheting going on, then it's The Mitz's antics or perhaps some of the best darn vegetarian recipes on the planet!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I hope by Monday we're all feeling in the pink again!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Why, Yes...

I DO still remember how to knit! I really wasn't sure of it tho'... lolol!
(that's the Knitpicks Entrelac Tote)

Home Again!

Thought you might like to see our booth at the National Capital Cat Show this past weekend...

And here, Big Sis is attempting to connect her wireless internet to my website (this didn't work so folks couldn't surf out to Nana Sadie Rose online...which was a big disappointment.)
But the show itself was a success! And I got to meet Zooks! and her family...and see her wonderful Wedding Ring Shawl! I felt like I was holding white lacey air! It's just GO check her blog for photos! And Thanks, Zooks! It was so wonderful to hear above the "din" in the hall, "I'm looking for Knitnana!"

The Meezer is finally settling down. But I got the talking-to of my life when I got home last night!
My Mommie's home, my tearstrip is here, and I'm on my Mommie's bed...all's right in my world!"
...The Meezer

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Summer Reading Challenge 2006 Ends...

Ok. I missed posting on this earlier, and I didn't quite make my challenge. ;(
But over there in the side-bar are the books I finished. Seven of the eight books I had hoped to read. I wasn't able to read the all of the same books I talked about at the beginning, but some of those, and some different ones. Sorry, I'm such a KNITTING nut that there are a couple of knitting books there, too!

I'm not going to participate in the Autumn Reading Challenge tho' there are a couple of interesting ones in his list, but I thought I'd give notice to those of you who might be wondering if there's going to BE an autumnal challenge!

Since I'll be filling orders from the BIG SHOW this weekend, and hoping to finish DGS#3's baby blanket, my Amazing Lace shawl, my second pair of Trekking XXL socks, my Diamond Fantasy Shawl, as well as STARTING on Hidcote, and participating in three online swaps (Sock-ret Pal, Chocolate Swap, and Knitters' Tea Swap #2 I think I'll be kept pretty busy...

Not to mention all the gorgeous stuff I want to make in the Fall issues of IK and VK.
I need a few weeks vacation, ya know?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Another Word for Devotion...

My beautiful Siamese...

She has no idea that in just a few days, her Mommie will no longer be glued to a sewing machine, (see the foot pedal, there on the right?), she'll not even be in the building...and let me tell you, The Meezer will NOT be happy then, and I will pay upon my return! lolol!

Won't you come see Nana Sadie Rose at the National Capital Cat Show at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, VA, September 9-10, 2006?

Nana Sadie Rose (aka Knitnana) has been sewing her heart out, making wonderful cat bags (hint, hint: there'll be just a few bags that aren't cat-related, just in case they're needed!) and totally ignoring her knitting...

But normal knitting content will return. Soon. The project du jour for the show will be dishcloths - mindless Grandmother's Favorites - for Cloths for Crisis as that's about my speed during an event. The Trekking XXL sock in purple will be there, too, but will likely stay in the Mavis bag...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Miscellanea Friday...

TGIF! It's been the week from H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks!
A huge conference for work the first 3 days of the week, while still being chauffeur for the two oldest DGS's (DD's c-section is almost two weeks ago...she still can't drive, tho'!). A dear, dear aunt has been in town since Wednesday, and today is trying to jump ahead of

this guy on her way north to home. All on top of trying hard to make my goal numbers for this BIG EVENT next weekend!

Whew! Thank goodness it's a long weekend. I need it. I'll be sewing. Not far from the computer, so drop a note so I can take a break, ok?

Oh...and stop by Lana's? She's helping to spread the word about Prematurity Awareness Day in November. Sign up for their petition, okay? All three of my grandsons were premature (even deliberately, as mom's health and their's were issues each time). As was I! (tho' you definitely wouldn't know it to look at me now, I was 4.5 pounds at birth, and 6 weeks early! I've been early ever since, too! lololol)
Have a GREAT Labor Day weekend...


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