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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Chocolate Swap, Cloths, A Casual Sunday! much - this has been a good weekend! A really relaxing Sunday, for me, anyway!

I have my partner for the Chocolate Swap (this is not a secret pal thing, we know who our pals are!) and her blog is HERE. Click on the link over there in my sidebar to see who else is participating in this swap...I can't believe I was matched with another sock knitter! This is going to be such fun...I already have some ideas for my swap package...

And I finished my Lacy Diamonds dishcloth today - it's only been sitting here by the computer for most of the summer! Don't look took closely, you'll see where I got off in the pattern - it just sat here too long and I forgot to write down what row I was the time I realized my mistake, I was too far along to frog - it's a dishcloth, after all!

I have a pretty Butterfly Cloth pattern I'm going to knit up in lavender (the butterfly and the color lavender are symbols of SLE - Lupus - which I have). The needles are sitting here with the lavender cotton all ready to cast-on. Btw...I was at Wal-Market yesterday and saw the best stock of Peaches & Cream in lovely colors that I've seen in a long, long time! Knitting must be catching on, whatcha think? lolol! If you're knitting cloths and wondering what to do with them all try joining us at Cloths for Crisis. We're a low-key group that knits dishcloths in advance of a bad situation and then distributes them as needed. We'd love to have you join us!

Otherwise, it's been a relatively calm day. I also finished up my client's books for last month (this is my part-time job!), so I can relax for a couple of weeks on that, too! Meezer likes hearing the word relaxing, but what she doesn't know is that I've got to get busy on some orders for Nana Sadie Rose...
Did I hear her say she was going to start sewing again? Rats... The Meezer.

Yup, Sewing will return very soon. But for today I hope your Sunday is relaxing!


Blogger Chris said...

How did I miss the Chocolate Swap?! :)

Hope you had a relaxing day... And I'm glad to see you found the Knitted Cats book! Will you knit a Meezer first?

8:32 PM  
Blogger Birdsong said...

So, so glad you got to enjoy a relaxing day off! The lacy cloth came out great.

12:16 AM  
Blogger Ruinwen said...

Beautiful dishcloth. Glad you are relaxing. I think I forgot to do that this summer. :) LOL


5:54 AM  
Anonymous Geraldine said...

Your lacey cloth looks beautiful as does Meezer!!!

Happy sewing and knitting and see ya later in the week.

Huggs, G

9:32 AM  
Blogger Terri said...

The Meezer is adorable with the pouty face on...

11:01 AM  
Blogger KnitYoga said...

Glad you had a lovely relaxing day. I really like the idea of the butterfly cloth. Have you seen this one?
I've made quite a few of these for presents to go with handmade soaps.

3:10 PM  
Blogger Knitcrazy said...

The lacy cloth is so pretty..

Your Shawl is beautiful..
LOve that pick speckled yarn... Ohhhhhhh .. it looks so SOFT !!!

3:44 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

I like the Diamonds cloth. It would be a good scrubber. Hope your sewing goes well after a nice relaxing Sunday.

11:28 PM  

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