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Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Enhanced The Stash At KnitIn

And it didn't cost anything!
The two green selections are for My Sweetheart. The other two remain to be claimed, but that bumblebee color way is speaking to me of mass bumblebee kills and saving the bees, so we can ensure the food supply...I've mentioned before that my dad was a beekeeper, and while I'm allergic, I love the little guys. My heart is breaking over Colony Collapse Syndrome and the recent massive pesticide kills here in this country and in Canada. So I know where I'm leaning on the black and yellow. The blue brown orange will either be gifts or just marinate in stash awhile. 

A friend of one of our members is downsizing to a retirement community and the stash was whittled and passed on. What a lovely, surprise treat at KnitIn today! Thank you!!!



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