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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yes, It's Finally Happened: I've Gone To The Dark Side...

I've joined the Cult of Noro!!

It started when some FB page or other (I don't remember whose so I can't blame anyone) posted this photo from the current edition of the new Noro Knitting Magazine:

What? I've never knit a sweater, you say? You would be right. In fact, the only garment that might be construed as being other than socks or shawls that I have knitted is a NORO (yup!) sideways knit vest known by the moniker "My First Vest" which made me look so much like the broad side of a barn, that it helped me make up my mind to lose weight those 3 years ago! (um...yes, with the help of my pal, Anno, it is in the frog pond as we speak - the Noro Iro will be used for something else, but I have no idea what, yet...)

Ah, but that little tank top? It's a combo of horizontals and verticals. This might be more flattering, in fact, I think it's adorable, except for the orange. So I ordered myself this,

along with the Spring issue of the magazine. When the magazine came? I was so enamored, I hurriedly ordered the premier issue of the magazine from last fall...and of course, by then, I'd learned all about the "Cult of Noro," and how I simply had to join.

So today? Well...I've added two skeins of Noro Silk Garden sock to my Webs basket for Metalouse which Anno has made (and that helped to enable me right over there, dontcha know...), and two skeins of color 40 in Noro Kureyon (to go with the two I already have from a gift I received ages ago from Ruinwen) for Pop!.

Oy. I've got it baaaaddd....


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