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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Last of June Weekend

While I've been doing very little, the 'maters? They've been growing like weeds. Amazing. My Sweetheart and I went off this morning and found some basil plants I intend to add to these pots in the morning. While gone, we went by the annual car show here in town - I.Have.Never.Seen.So.Many.Vintage.And.Souped-Up/Morphed.Cars! If you're interested in seeing some photos of the event, you can visit our local CBS station website here. I'm a Ford girl so the T-Birds get my interest every time.

Anyway, I started PT this past week. I'm mostly out of the sling, except to sleep a little in the pre-dawn hours - not sure why I wake up and seem to need it then, but I do. PT will, no doubt, end up being something I adore, tho' it's pretty painful right now. Mostly, I'm being stretched, but I can feel strength coming back into my arm little by little. It will be a 3 month process (and beyond, if what I'm hearing is true). But my goal is not just to be back where I was before, but to be way better. I haven't had nice looking arms and shoulders in years because I couldn't tolerate the workouts to get there. My hope is to be able to use light weights to sculpt a bit of muscle, but we'll see!


Blogger Bonnie said...

That's such good news - that you can feel strength returning to your arm! Hugs!!! Make some pesto with your new basil!

7:57 AM  

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