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Monday, February 27, 2012

Lovely Monday!

But only because of a surprise at the end of it! It was a Monday, of course, which everyone knows will be challenging if only because it's the first day after a weekend, right?

And I'm still fighting this bug...slogging along. The feeling better is incremental, and the bug is long overdue being gone! But I managed to get thru it, and ran some errands after work, managing to get to my Post Office Box to check it and was surprised to find much filling it:
Bonnie sent this cute card as part of her Month of Letters, sending a piece of mail each day. I was delighted to be a recipient, and this card was among several things in my box, including a key to a package I went over to the locker and inside I discovered a package from Bonnie, too!

I hurried back to the car, quickly read her postcard to see that she was sending a package, and then set everything into the seat next to me to savor when I got home. Once the errands were done and dinner finished I opened it:
These are the mini-packages that were inside (don't you love that cat paper? And the Hello Kitty sticker?). I carefully unwrapped everything and here is what I found:
Another sweet handwritten note explaining the contents, including those two tea bags of the Organic Lemon Echinacea tea (which I'm having a cup of now - YUM!). Bonnie explained that when she wasn't feeling well, she uses it and it's soothing. Yes, it definitely is that, and I'm so grateful, as I had been having sore throat symptoms again today and the tea has fixed that right up!

There was also a lovely bar of Almond Honey Goat Milk soap from a woman who sells at the local Farmer's Market (it was wrapped in a gorgeous piece of pale beige silk and tied with a gauzy ribbon), a sizable rectangle of lovely water-blue raw silk from a fabric shop in Vermont, and a William Morris covered blank notebook.

Bonnie, of course, is a knitwear designer, a knitter, a crocheter, and an embroiderer, but she's also a sewist of lovely fine things, and every time I visit her blog, I'm taken to another place and time. She and I have yoga in common, cats in common, concerns about the environment and eating/buying local in common. But when I visit Bonnie, I'm reminded of A Gift from the Sea, Emily Dickinson's poetry, watercolor skies. And I know I'll be inspired by whatever I find at her place.

THANK YOU, Bonnie, for making my day much brighter! Now I'm off to see if this tea is available at my co-op! (I bet it is!)


Blogger Bonnie said...

Hi! I just got home from yoga class and am delighted to read that you got the care package already. I hope you feel much better!

8:35 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

What a fabulous present! Sometimes these things come just when you most need them - I'm glad you got such a nice treat this week :)

3:49 PM  

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