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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Lavender Blue

Not the song, which I think is a bit odd anyway...but the colors:

I realized after I admitted my renewed love affair with blue denim and brown leather, that the other color involved in all that is lavender. Which makes me think of Judy Collins' song Albatross which I've always loved. "The lady comes to the gate, dressed in lavender and leather. Looking north to the sea, she finds the weather fine..."

Anyway, I digress The lavender blues above aren't all mine. The sock is, but the triangle shawl is for sis-in-law. I happened to pull the two of them out of their drawstring bags the other day at the same time and realized I was steeped in the lavender blues! Happily, of course...

The past few days have been mostly making sure I have lots of goodies for the Olde Liberty Fibre Faire on April 16:

I've been having fun digging thru stash to find as many fabrics as possible to use up, and I believe I'm going to have some really neat stuff for folks! This is the first time I'll have Oressa needle cases available for sale rather than by custom order only (I'll take custom orders, of course). And I hope to have a smallish stock of Sidekicks as well (there are three up there in that photo, plus the one I showed you the other day). There will probably be only a few of Nana Sadie Rose's normal bags, as everyone has seen those and knows them, and knows they can order them! I'm working on making sure the smaller items are available for carrying home with you right then and there! :)

The Meezer, however, has been spending a lot of time snoozing - her shoulder joint has been pretty stiff and she's been limping a bit - we've checked it out and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong other than chilly temps, dampness, and getting older (she's almost 10!). A baby aspirin every 3 days seems to help a bit, but she still loves her Cozy Cushions, preferably in front of her own private space heater (yeah, no, that's mine, but you can't tell her that).
She also loves either office or sewing room chair. And did you happen to notice that the lace shawl (which is the first one I ever made) has several long pulls in that photo? I wonder who might be to blame for that one?

Maybe it's the Zonked Tonk? Hmm...yes, I think that's quite likely!


Anonymous twinsetjan said...

Good luck at the show!!

9:14 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Those lavenders are looking lovely!! I'm with you - those are some of my very favorite colors. And your stack of items for the show is building up nicely. It's good that the cats are there to help ;)

3:54 PM  
Blogger Plain Jane said...

Such nice things for the show! I love the sheep fabric with the dog peeking out from among them. I'm still in love with my checkbook cover (I get a lot of compliments on it) as well as my Oressa, Posy & Mera. {{{HUGS}}}

3:56 PM  

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