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Friday, March 25, 2011

Bad Blogger...But Can You Help?

I've been a bad blogger, and I apologize for it. This week, heck the past two-three weeks have been busy beyond belief, and when I get a chance to sit, that's exactly what I do. A little bit of knitting here and there, but if I'm not working, I'm sewing (okay, that's work, too). I did get out last night to Red Hats (what fun!), and managed to come home and NOT work, but rather knitted a bit on my friend's shawl.

In snatches of computer time, on Ravelry and on Facebook, checking blogs a few times at lunch I've found two things I want to share with you and ask if you can help:

1. Wendy is sending 100% of the proceeds after PayPal fees to the American Red Cross for Japan tsunami relief if you purchase her too-lovely-for-words, Japanese Garden Shawl. I fell hard the second I saw this and bought it immediately. I'll have to wait to buy the yarn, as I want something more or less solid and am really thinking I might have to do it in RED for the Japanese flag, but we'll see...I let you know when I find the yarn.

2. Kay has done the same thing with her Mitered Crosses Blanket. Proceeds are going to Mercy Corps to aid in Japan tsunami relief. I bought Kay's pattern just now, and will be thinking about what yarn to use (I LOVE Noro, but my bank account prefers I choose something else!). But I love Kay's stuff, as you well know since you've seen my Log Cabin Blanket, so you know I trust her judgement that the Noro is the yarn to use for the blanket...(well, maybe I'll win the lottery? Oh, hey, guess I have to buy a ticket to do that, right?)

So these are in addition to the lovely Pacific Shawl I purchased over the weekend for the same purpose. The situation in Japan has just been staggering to behold, and I simply can't see how folks can muster on with such a blow. Like everyone else, I have been worried about the nuclear power plant (not being a fan of nuclear power at any point in my lifetime) but just watching the news stories about what folks when thru when the tsunami hit takes it's toll emotionally, how could anyone bear it in the flesh?

So my thoughts have been over there, not here on the blog, and for that I apologize. Maybe this post will make a few amends...?


Anonymous Carrie#K said...

My thoughts haven't been with blogs lately either but it's more to do with overwork than the tragedy in Japan. Being right outside SF, I was able to send some money to folks who were hands on helping out. I think everyone in CA thinks that it could just as easily been us.

You got a thank you note from a hat recipient!! that is so cool!

1:45 PM  
Blogger teabird said...

I bought the Pacific shawl, too, just to feel a little less helpless. (hugs)

3:06 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Went and got that blanket pattern - thanks for pointing it out! I know what you mean about blogless busy-ness, but it's good to remember how important it is to do what we can do now for the situation in Japan, little as it is.

4:34 PM  

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