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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Day of Perfection: 10-10-10

Ok, not quite, as I had work to do...but I certainly helped to make today the perfect day for a certain Tonkinese kitty. I felt he was owed quite a bit of attention as he had to make a run to the vet yesterday. Seems someone (me?) has brought fleas into the house and he had a bad case of worms...(the vet thinks they might have already been with him when I adopted him, but hey that was months ago and this little guy is growing beautifully - okay, he's chunking up a bit too much). After all, I'm at the vet clinic every two weeks, and fleas can easily hitch a ride on my jeans. My kitties never go out, so it seems likely they picked them up that way. Or when The Meezer was there two weeks ago? That's possible.

Anyway, he got wormed and Revolutioned, and I got a dose of each to bring home to The Meezer. Yesterday afternoon was pretty quiet, as they recouped from the meds.

So today, The Tonk shared the sewing room with me. I suddenly noticed that he was being quite active, moving from one side of the cutting table/storage unit I created (those two-shelf make-it-yourself-cabinets are set up on 2x4s cut to the proper size, which raised everything up to the proper cutting height for me, but created a channel under the cabinets for things to get lost in...)
Mom, it's under here...
What is dear...?

Or maybe...
it's on this side
Tonk, what are you after?
I won't let it escape...I'll watch both sides

Finally, he could stand it no longer and began chirrup-ing...
It's here, I can see it, I just can't reach it...Help, MOM!

And so I got the yardstick and pushed it underneath, and freed up an empty thread spool, a jingle ball, and the real prize: an aluminum crinkle ball!

Thanks, Mom! This is fun!

So I tossed it and he fetched it and brought it back. I had him running into the livingroom, into the kitchen, and then half-way up the stairs, over and over. At one point his little sides were heaving, he exerted himself so (which is a good thing, as he really is becoming a little porker).

In between I was sewing, by the way, so it wasn't a lot of fun and games for me, but suddenly I heard: nothing...and turned to see:
Oh, NO! Not again, Tonk!

Yes, again, several times he batted it back under and I had to fish it out. Until finally I said, "Enough! You put it there, it stays there..." (That went over like a lead balloon, you know?)
Mom, you know you're going to get it...

(Yes, he does sit up on the folding stool, leaps there from the floor, and that head-tilt is the remnants of his brain injury...the vet said yesterday, "he's such an odd one, he's CUTE!" And I believe he will remain cute all his life because of that tilt and his merry, sunny disposition!).

He did finally lose interest and crash to sleep for a long time under the sewing table.

I managed, today and yesterday, to do 10 loads of laundry (it was time for fall cleaning) in addition to making up orders from the cat show:

This weekend is apparently the black, brown, ivory and red bags (I'm not showing the black/brown bags, because they're already in their shipping boxes, and you've seen them before).

And now? I'm giving myself the night off. Maybe knitting. Maybe I'll just hit the sack early. Because tomorrow? More sewing, as I'm off for Columbus Day! Whoohoo - I *heart* three-day weekends...


Blogger Plain Jane said...

I'm always finding toys under the furniture. Max enjoys small balls of yarn - I use a yarn needle to back stitch around the middle of the ball & then across the top & bottom so it won't unravel. Makes good use of leftover bits too small even for a rag-tag afghan. {{{HUGS}}}

3:35 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

I love the Tonk story! Tilly did something like that recently with a bouncy-ball, except she throws it in the air for herself and chases it when it bounces. I didn't get it for her when it went behind the TV :)

7:59 PM  
Blogger squiggi said...

see, now, that's the advantage of having a puppy. He's found all the cat toys under the couch.
I thought you were going to say he found a spider.
Last week, Ozzie had a spider that was bigger than him!
Don't you just love fall????

8:49 AM  

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