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Saturday, October 02, 2010

October? HOW?

I realize that we spent September busily putting together two shows, but I still think it's amazing that October is here already. I even bought a Halloween shirt tonight! Oh, I need to switch to my Halloween Nana Sadie Rose bag, you know? I only carry it for one month every year, but I enjoy every day of that...

I planned to take this weekend off (kinda, sorta) after both of those shows last month, and today spent most of the day with a friend from Weight Watchers. I had an early morning yoga class, then we went down and walked on the Greenway for almost two miles, we went shopping, then had lunch at Panera Bread. After she went on her way to run errands, I shopped a little bit more. I'm looking for things for fall, and a winter coat (haven't found one yet). One of these days, I'll have a full year's wardrobe (I hope!).

Otherwise, I started my cap for Shanti's Mom's hat drive (see the link below). I pulled out some Mission Falls 1824 wool and my bamboo size 7 circulars and I'm making this pattern:

The Marsan Watchcap. I am loving this thing! Besides the fact that I adore Mission Falls 1824 wool (oh do I adore it), it's really working up pretty quickly, in a wonderful twisted rib that's uber cushy. I decided to stick with black, because I have quite a bit of it (from the Log Cabin Blanket that never ends, dontcha know?).

During the week this week, in small snatches of time, I made this set to send off to friend Ellen over at Twinset. She had hoped one day I'd design a fanny-pack-type bag, and this is probably as close as it will get!
This will match the Violette she ordered some time ago...a delightful print that I can't find any longer, of course (what is it with these great fabrics, they disappear faster than good wine at a tasting...?)

She ordered a baglet, too.

Tomorrow Sis-in-law and I are heading to a mall about an hour away to check out some stores we don't have here. We've had this on the agenda since we drove back from National Capital Cat Show, and while we almost decided to go to the Montepelier Fiber Festival (she was interested in the tatting class offered, but they are apparently full), the weather isn't supposed to be the best...

That thing about October? Well, it appears the highs will be in the 50s tomorrow with rain. Yup. "Fall has fell."


Anonymous twinsetellen said...

Oh, this is like extended birthday, getting to see my bags on your blog and now getting to anticipate their shipment! They are delightful - great lining choice and I'm tickled at how it peaks out on the bag.

11:17 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

It sounds like a good weekend. And I love that bag for Ellen! What a fun combination of fabrics :)

7:33 PM  

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