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Friday, April 02, 2010

Enamoured of Spring

Today was a record-breaking weather day - 88 degrees! And it has just been breathtakingly gorgeous...with the exception of the - ahem - pollen.

I got out and walked twice during the day (at lunch and on my quick 10-minute break), wearing my Birkie's sandals and pink toenails,

then ran a few errands after work, ending up at my favorite second-hand shop. They were having a sale and anytime I can get 50% off such already low prices, I'm going to check it out, ya know?

When I got home, I debated going out to walk again, and decided I'd best not push it. I want to be sure to get to yoga Monday and then tomorrow and Sunday and all next week are due to be gorgeous, and not quite so warm, all the better for walking on the Greenway. Besides, I was hungry.

I had a quick dinner of cottage cheese and fresh berries and pineapple - actually, long before I started Weight Watchers, I adored this meal, so I don't think of it as "diet food." :)

And then I wandered back outside. There were some little sprites poking their heads up in the grass, and I know they'll get those heads chopped off next week when the landlord mows for the first time this spring:

My mom's favorite little spring surprise - violets. She always talked of them turning up their little faces during the day and down at dusk. She had dishes with violets decorating them, a few small pieces - my Big Sis has them (plus a few others she's collected herself) in a lovely display in her guest bathroom, and she and I both collected the violet Swanky Swigs in the 1990s during the "antiquing phase" we both went through. Okay, we actually probably enabled each other's obsession with these little glasses...I've mostly divested of mine, with only about 5 patterns (including the violets, tulips, daffodils, and two or three colors of the forget-me-nots) that I still just love. We both remember them in our grandmother's pantry, the little glasses used for the children's breakfast juice. Who knew they were just processed cheese food (!) jars once upon a time?

1940s-1950s kitsch. Which I adore. And they're sized just right for 1/2 a cup of a beverage, which makes them perfect for easy tracking of Weight Watchers' Points. I think I kept 6 of each pattern. My Big Sis? Should I tell? Has a baker's dozen of each of many, many patterns...

Of course, they made really easy Christmas gifts so I probably helped that collection along quite a bit.

Anyway. Violets make me happy. They remind me of happy, family times. And since this weekend is Easter and Passover, that's appropriate.

Hope your weekend is sunny, the Easter bunny brings you all the chocolate you want, and your bonnet is trimmed with flowers galore! Hmm...I've a hankering for deviled eggs!


Anonymous twinsetellen said...

Whether it is the pimiento cheese spread glasses or the aluminum popcorn bowls, those everyday items from childhood are usually some of the fondest possessions, aren't they? I, too, adore violets. I am seeing lots of leaves in our lawn, but no blooms yet, though it won't be long. Happy Spring!

10:47 PM  
Blogger Plain Jane said...

Not quite time for the violets to bloom up here, but the leaves are up so the blooms won't be far behind. The neighbor's daffodils are blooming already against their south facing foundation. It's so early. I remember taking a vacation down to TN in early May when there was still snow on the ground, but as we drove south the redbuds were blooming & in TN the lilacs were past their prime..

11:20 AM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, I love violets, too! We don't get them wild here, but my Nana's name was Violet, so they always remind me of her :)

I love the pink toenails! You may inspire me to treat my feet to some color, too :)

3:06 PM  
Anonymous twinsetjan said...

I see you're celebrating spring too! Love the pink toenails!!

3:39 PM  
Blogger Ruinwen said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful childhood memory. I'm glad you and your pretty-pink toes could enjoy the sunny day. *hugs*

7:54 AM  

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