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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Packages! Packages!

If it's not a gift - like this below...from Geraldine & The Mitz - Thank you gals, so much! The Meezer and I will enjoy!
Included are soaps from Olea Soaps (yumm...I think the lavender is my fave), Hearty Recipes for Happy Cats, and the Cat's Paw Socks pattern. What a Purrrfectly lovely gift!

If YOU haven't already touched base with Geraldine's blog, you must, she has a special going on thru Oct. 27 for 2 of her wonderful NOT Just for Vegetarians cookbooks for the price of one...I'm ordering several for Christmas gifts and you should, too!
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Then we have a few things I've ordered. Like the Lamb's Pride Bulky (Patternworks)to go with the Noro Big Kureyon I got to make a Booga Bag - yes, finally! - and more of the Peace Fleece from Kary! I love the Latvian Lavender and Moscow Magic colorways...these will be hats from for some lucky gals this Christmas...not saying for whom they will be made! And the needles (from Patternworks, too) are also for the Coronets - but I really did think I was getting bamboo, not Plymouth Speedway metal needles for these hats. I really don't do metal needles, as you all know!


Blogger Ruinwen said...

Great gifts and yarn too. The red is spectacular!


9:09 AM  
Blogger kat said...

i gotta tell you i NEVER used metal then i needed a size & could only get it in turbos & now i'm hooked!

11:02 AM  
Anonymous G and M said...

Hi Sallee and Meezer, Well Canada Post did NOT disappoint this time LOL...Glad the pkg. arrived so fast and intact LOL...that ain't always the case.

The Mitz wants to know if Meezer has picked out any recipes yet?

Huggs, G and M

11:11 AM  

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