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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Knitnana...Sadie's Place?

When my DD set up Nana Sadie Rose she also set up a new blog space for me on WordPress and stored it on my website. If you visit Nana Sadie Rose and pass along the shop windows with your mouse you'll see things in the windows that relate to the shop is Knitnana and a ball of yarn and knitting needles appears. Another is Sadie's Place and the image there is a dreamy cottage...just the sort of place I'd love as my "studio." If you click your mouse on any of these, you'll be redirected to what those windows display.

Now DD originally thought I'd switch all my of my knitting blog over to Sadie's Place and leave Blogger. Her intention was to archive Knitnana on my website. Then she realized how big Knitnana's files are. So that idea went bye-bye.

I hate to lose Knitnana. So I've decided to continue right here. But I have Sadie's Place and I like the idea of it. So if I can figure out how to use WordPress (all helpful ideas would be appreciated!), I think Sadie's Place might become a blog of ideas centered on the philosophy of creativity. I'm sure I won't post nearly as frequently there, as that kind of writing takes a bit of "space" to do and that's a limited commodity in my life, especially as the holidays approach and Nana Sadie Rose gets really busy with Christmas orders!

So keep watch...won't be long, there'll be at least an initial post at Sadie's Place. Maybe the first one will simply be a description of just what Sadie's Place might look like in reality...if I ever win that $100 million from the meme down below! lolol


Blogger Jenn said...

The site looks great!

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