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Friday, October 14, 2005

Motivation...Lower than Low

Haven't been too well this week - fighting off bugs that should've been easier to avoid but with my immunity suppressed that's not as easy as it once was. Started with a tummy bug that progressed to other things (I won't gross anyone out) and the doc finally said today..."You already have no immune system, so now that you've been sick it's opened you up to all the rest of the bugs out there." AGAIN. Been through this more times than I care to admit in the last couple of years.

So bear with me folks - there's not a lot to post about, little knitting other than a row here and there on the Queen of Hearts Shawl, and I'm finishing Nana Sadie Rose bags from the St. Luke's show last month and starting on orders from the website. might want to jog on over there, DD has done a really nice job on the site. Let me know what you think? I think she's gotten things cleaned up from the old site. She's also gotten the bones set up for my new blog "Sadie's Place" and I just have to somehow find the time to learn WordPress in order to start posting there. We'll see how long that takes me!

If you're interested in your own Nana Sadie Rose bag, orders will be happily accepted..and if you were thinking of something for a Holiday gift, don't wait to long, deadlines are approaching!

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that I can beat these little bugs before they become something a lot bigger?


Blogger Jane said...

Oh, Lordy.. It's got to be, at least in part, all the stress from work. Hope you're feeling better very very soon..

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is your website? I already have one of your bags and they are fabulous. :)

1:08 AM  
Blogger me myself and i said...

feel better Sallee!!!

1:51 AM  
Blogger JoanM said...

Hope you are feeling better now. Will look forward to seeing progress on your shawl

8:12 AM  

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