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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dishcloths & Concentration

Well, I've never had a desire to knit a dishcloth till the Cloths for Katrin KAL (see the button over there ----->).

NOW, however, I can't seem to get past the dishcloth knitting to any of the other WIPs that you see in the photo down below! My powers of concentration seem to have taken a vacation for the duration. (And my poet grandfather would have loved that sentence!)

What I've had fun doing, though, is making dishcloths with various motifs - you'll see two heart patterned cloths in the photo (both in rose), the traditional Grandmother's Favorite (appropriate for a Nana to make!), and then the woven-look dishcloth I'm working on now in jadite green (from the Lion website). Those rose and green and ivory tones all work well in my rose-strewn kitchen, so these may very well stay right here, and not get sent out for the KAL (I've already done a bunch of those!).

But of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most - I wish I'd get it back!


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