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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It's Almost Here!

We've been talking and emailing, but the long-awaited visit is upon us! The "man from my past" will be here this weekend...we have plans with my DD's family and plans for ourselves...we're opera buffs and the local company is doing one of our favorites! Otherwise, we'll just spend the weekend "re-acquainting" ourselves. Knitting will take a backseat again this weekend, but I can tell you I've made 7 facecloths for the Cloths for Katrina KAL (already en route South with that big box and then some shown down below!), and have enjoyed looking at my Queen of Hearts shawl - haven't had a minute to stitch on it since our knitting group last week, but enjoyed showing it off to my Sis! The St. Luke's Craft Show last weekend was successful, too, and my Sis, SIL, and I had a ton of fun shopping and dining at La Madelaine's in Alexandria (our favorite French cafeteria).

Till next week - love every minute of your life!


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