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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Triangle Lace Shawl Progress

Have been working on the shawl and Jane asked me to post photos. While you can't clearly see the lace pattern (wait till it's blocked!), I thought I'd oblige below are two shots, including one with close-up that is fairly good. I'm in the midst of repeat 6 of the chart B pattern. I gave up on the little yarn ties I was using as stitch markers because I kept knitting them into the shawl - so now I'm using Kelly's cats, hearts and amethysts that I bought from her awhile ago - she's soon to be opening her website so check out her wonderful creations! You can also see that since my fiasco with the lifeline coming out, I am loathe to remove lifelines - there are four in that photo! I'll take them all out when I'm done. (Can't tell I'm cautious, can you?) I'll be working on this late tonight as I'm babysitting my two DGSs while their parents go out on the town.


Anonymous Kitt said...

Beautiful Sallee! You're doing a bang-up job on the shawl.
Maybe one day I'll have enough quiet time to work on the project again.

4:57 PM  

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