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Monday, January 30, 2006

Have a Heart for Heart Month!

From February 1st through the 28th, the entire length of Heart Month, if you order any heart themed bag from Nana Sadie Rose I will contribute 5% of the retail price to WomenHeart. These lovely Kerri-style bags showcase kitties and hearts and are ready to head to your arms for an early Valentine's Day gift! But you may custom order your own heart-themed bag by visiting my website and checking out my cooperating fabric retailers to choose your own fabric. Those custom orders will take a bit longer to get to you, but you'll have your very own lovely to be proud of!

I hope you'll promise yourself, too, that you'll choose ONE heart-healthy change and do it every day this month! (Maybe take the stairs instead of the elevator?)

And don't forget to join us in knitting something red for women's heart disease awareness, either? Join the KnitRed KAL on Yahoo. Just click on the button over there ---->
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Saturday, January 28, 2006

I Think MFMPPF Would Agree!


Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?
this quiz was made by Lori Fury

Isn't it interesting that the Stahman's Faroese Shawl I plan to knit is the Catharina?

Friday, January 27, 2006

My One Year Blogiversary...

An entire year...and what an amazing force in my life this blog has been!

A year ago, I had no idea what a KAL was, coding a blog was a foreign concept (well, to be honest, I'm still working on that one...). I was only just embarking on my relationships in Yahoo Group-dom. I didn't know the vast majority of the internet blogging/knitters I now consider my dear friends. And, I was still knitting at the beginner level, managing only fun fur scarves and rectangular shawls in K3, P3! I had no idea how to use circular needles or how to knit in the round on dpns. I was hesitant to take an on-line class. Heck, even my business website hadn't been christened!

My life is so much richer today...mostly because of the relationships I've formed through this blog and my Yahoo friends. You know who you are...most of you are on that sidebar list over there ---> though some of you in Yahoo-land still don't have your own blogs (so what ARE you waiting for?). I've even "met" and corresponded with knitting designers and authors!

While it hasn't always been happy and upbeat, it has always been enlightening! I have lived my life to learn, and this blog is another facet of that lifestyle commitment!

In one short year, my knitting confidence has soared, all because of this blog and the friendships I've made through it. I've taken 3 on-line classes in knitting through NeedleCraft U, discovered a website that teaches (with videos) what I don't know (KnittingHelp), enjoyed discussions with likeminded knitters on Knitters Review and my Yahoo Groups listed down below. I've owned (and co-owned) several successful KALs. And launched a web-based business sewing knitting totes and purses at Nana Sadie Rose.

The other thing this blog did for me was help me change my focus from a very unhappy and frightened one that was centered on my (then) new diagnosis of an autoimmune disease. Along with a supportive medical community, the right meds, and yes, a reason to get up and out into the world - this blog and the on-line knitting community - I'm healthier and happier than I thought was possible.

I can't thank you enough - those of you who read this blog, those friends I've made through cyber-space, those members of KALs who are so supportive. Your comments are so welcome...I can't wait to see where we'll all be in 12 more months! Come along for the ride, okay?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stahman's Faroese Shawls KAL!

With approval from Myrna Stahman, we've started a new Faroese Shawl Knit Along for shawls from the Stahman's Shawls & Scarves book. Some of you may remember that back in October I asked for opinions on which shawl I should knit (between 2) and one of them was the Catharina. This shawl will soon be on my needles as I participate in this KAL, but you may choose any of the top-down Faroese-style shawls from the book to knit! Myrna will be popping in now and again to give an assist if we run into problems, so click on that lovely button over there ---> in my sidebar and join us in the yahoo group devoted to this project? We'd love to have you! Special thanks go to Jane for her help in creating the button for this KAL. Please save it to your own space, won't you?

Another Meme

4 jobs you have had in your life
cocktail waittress
data entry operator
bookkeeper/accountant for non-profit
purse/tote designer/creator/business owner

4 movies you could watch over & over
Dirty Dancing
Flash Dance
Singing in the Rain
Midsummer Night’s Dream

4 places you have lived
Alexandria VA
Manassas VA
McLean VA
Roanoke VA

4 TV shows you love to watch
Criminal Minds
JAG (in reruns)

4 places you have been on vacation
Maine seacoast (my favorite beach!)
Boston, MA
Sandbridge Beach, VA

4 websites you visit daily (Sadie's Place blog) (for all my groups and lists)

4 of your favorite foods
Dark chocolate raspberry Godiva
Mac & Cheese (from scratch with Vermont Cheddar)
Prime Rib
Apple Pie with Vermont Cheddar
(honorable mention – REAL potato chips)

4 places you would rather be right now
Alone with my MFMPPF
at home knitting
at home sewing
at home sleeping

If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

5 Quirkiest Habits Meme

Oh gee, thanks, Kels. Let me see...what might I be willing to admit to? well...

1. I'm obsessed with hazelnut coffee and Earl Grey tea. No, there are no other flavors, and I can't drink something else as a substitute. Same with Coca-Cola products - PEPSI? yuck.
2. I have to have my nails done every two weeks. HAVE to. Since I stopped smoking, if my nails don't look great, I can't talk. Have to be waving something, and since it's no longer a cigarette (Hooray!!!) it's gotta be lovely nails. And hand lotion accompanies me everywhere I go and is applied religiously. (This goes for moisturizer for everywhere else, too...I can't stand dry skin - and I have DRY skin)
3. The body doesn't move without a hot shower every single morning. This is as much a function of SLE as it is a "quirky" thing of mine.
4. No matter where I am, I have to have my knitting. A Nana Sadie Rose tote with at least one project is nearby at all times. Could be a Mavis tote, could be a Mera, it doesn't matter. There will be knitting in my hands whenever my brain isn't otherwise engaged (and as long as I'm not at work, 'cause the boss doesn't think you can knit and think at the same time, which is her perogative, 'cause she signs the paychecks!). I usually have between 3 and 7 projects on the needles at any given time. I also have Kelly's stitch markers in use, too! (Like the plug, Kels?)
5. Finally, I have to communicate with the MFMPPF at least once daily. Having spent so many years apart, and having finally found each other again, I can no longer spend a day without knowing where and how he is and letting him know I care. Thank heavens, he seems to understand this compulsion and he appreciates it (most of the time)! *wink*

Okay, I guess that wasn't too now I'm tagging:

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Steeler's Aibhlinn

When I decided to make this Black & Gold version of Aibhlinn I had no idea the Steelers would have made it to the playoffs! But you can be sure the MFMPPF was pleased with my team spirit! Posted by Picasa

A Special Birthday!

The MFMPPF received this cuddly and warm "No-Sew" Pittsburgh Steelers queen-sized fleece blanket for his birthday last weekend - can you see The Meezer's smile of approval? - well, you can be sure Himself was tickled! (and yes, Nana Sadie Rose (the sewist) made it without the use of the sewing machine!  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 15, 2006

RAOK! from Bethanie!

It took too long for me to get to my PO box, Bethanie, I'm so sorry! But what a surprise...this scrumptious sagey greige DK Cotton by Jo Sharp and a tube of Warm Vanilla Sugar hand lotion...yum! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You made my day! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My KnitPicks order excited! Black Merino for the Steelers Aibhlinn, the Dusk Essential for the Lace Sock class the end of the month, the Alpaca Cloud in Iris for my Misty Morning Shawl, the Spring Prairie Sock Landscape which I, frankly can't remember what I planned to make with'll come back to me, I'm sure! and the stand for my charts to lean against! What a fun package to find today when I got home! Posted by Picasa

Stressed is Just Desserts Spelled Backwards!

After yesterday's post on my backlog, I probably shouldn't be admitting this, but I am stressed! This weekend is another very special time for the MFMPPF and myself, and I'm trying to tie up loose ends before I depart for a lovely visit. What that means is, desperately trying to make my employer and my bookkeeping clients happy (it's W-2 season!), arranging for kitties to be cared for, as well as all the miscellaneous laundry and packing stuff to do. So. What do you think I tossed into the mix?

Well...besides the Diamond Fantasy Shawl and the Steelers Aibhlinn, I remember mentioning at the end of yesterday's post that I was knitting Toe-Up socks through an on-line class, right?

Do you know, someone who has never knitted socks or a sweater can very quickly be driven insane by something called a "short row" and how to knit this. The instructions from the school were less than helpful, Jane wrote what I'm sure was an excellent explanation, however I need to SEE it to understand (but she gave me a clue that I was REALLY doing something very wrong) and even Knitting Help wasn't cutting it either.

Enter a new pal from my local knitting group, Rae. She suggested I do a search on line for help and what did I find? Knitty's article written by none other than someone dear to my heart this month: Wendy.

I think I just might survive this class, make a pair of toe-up socks, get through this (short) week at work, AND make it to a very important date this weekend without losing my mind!

THANK YOU WENDY! You're going to make it possible for me to believe that Stressed IS just Desserts spelled backwards!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Backlog? Who ME?

Birdsong in her most recent post, asked us what our knitting backlog looks like, so I thought, "Well, why not...?"

I do try hard not to get overwhelmed by the grandiose plans I usually make. But I always think I'm capable of more than I am, always overstretch. Or as I said in my New Year's Post, I make lots of PLANS! As a fiber addict, my eyes are perpetually bigger than my knitting abilities and my time constraints...Does yarn qualify as stash if I know what I'm going to do with it? I think so. My stash is protection against being unable to buy yarn but still being able to knit when I'm living in retirement on a fixed income!

So in that spirit, here's what's either on the needles or planned in this lifetime - and no, Birdsong, I cannot begin to estimate when I'll get these done!
1. Sivia Harding's Diamond Fantasy Shawl (on the needles). I love this lace shawl pattern, it flows so nicely.
2. My 3rd Aibhlinn, pattern by Mary Burr (on the needles). I love making and wearing these! The MFMPPF is a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I've been assured that I must attend games even in frigid temperatures and must wear the requisite Black and Gold! This Aibhlinn is being knitted in Knitpicks Merino Style in Coal and edged with Elann's Cleckheaton Country 8 Ply in Aztec Gold - I'm using the cast on, first knitted row and the bobble row (then the reverse at the end) as the "trim" in gold. Not very far along on this, but will probably get to work on it while visiting with himself this weekend (during a movie or some such!).
3. Clapotis (on the needles - STILL). I hate using this yarn (Caron's Rainbow Dreams) but love the pattern, and have promised this one to DD. I have no idea when I'll force myself to finish it.
4. Knitters Sunset Wrap (on the needles). Above mentioned Birdsong, my West Coast pal who "should have been my sister" helped me snag enough of this yarn to make this wrap and now I hate it (the pattern, not the yarn). Seriously thinking of frogging what's been done and knitting Clapotis from it - which would be neat.
5. Blue Ridge Homespun Prayer Shawl (on the needles). Am making progress finally on this. One of my first knitting projects after fun fur scarves, I was using straights to knit it and my arms were a mess from the weight of this yarn. With the Christmas present from my (real, birth) Big Sis - Denise needles!! - I'm finally making some progress and might get this finished and gifted soon.
6. Sivia Harding's Shetland Garden Faroese Shawl. Patiently waiting...Elann's Peruvian Collection Baby Cashmere in Cedar already purchased.
7. Alpaca Yarn Co Misty Morning Shawl. Pattern patiently waiting, yarn on order from Knitpicks. (I'm using their Alpaca Cloud in Iris)
8. Cheryl Oberle's Highland Triangle Shawl from Folk Shawls. Patiently waiting...Jo Sharp's SilkRoad Tweed yarn in Boheme colorway, purchased for the Vogue Knitting rectangular shawl has been reassigned to this one. I've just convinced Jane to join the Yahoo Group Folkshawls and am hoping that HTS will be chosen soon as a KAL and that Jane will join me in knitting this one. I think the yarn is happier being made as HTS, and I will be happier with the triangular shawl instead of the rectangular one.
9. From The Best of Knitters Book of Shawls & Scarves, the Faroese Style Shawl (see my October 9, 2005 post). This one won the poll of which I should make, is planned in ivory.
10. Then below here you can see a post about that wondrous Koigu I was gifted with last week by Wendy. It will definitely become the Traveling Vines Scarf. Soon.
11. Flower Basket Shawl. Pattern and yarn purchased and sitting...and sitting...and sitting. This one intimidates me. The Misti Alpaca laceweight in Antique Rose was bought for Heartstrings Cascading Hearts shawl, which is a Faroese style shawl as well...Maybe that's what this yarn really wants to be?
12. In addition to all these, I'm still making fun fur scarves, and the lovely little roses from Sarah's Yarn Box to go with my Mrs. Dalloway commitment this month!
13. Oops. Almost forgot and had already hit "publish post" before I remembered this...I'm knitting the Toe-Up Socks from the Needlecraft U class I'm taking with Ruinwen and will be knitting the Knit Lace Socks class with Ronnie towards the end of the month! could I have forgotten those? Freudian slip maybe? Oh, and lucky 13 here!! (Thirteen is NEVER unlucky!)

For Christmas, my dear Big Sis also gifted me with some cash especially for my knitting addiction, part of which I spent purchasing the book Stahman's Shawls & Scarves. This book is amazing, and there are so many of these stunning Faroese shawls I want to make. Fortunately the Seaman's Scarves are the same patterns, so I can make them in miniature rather than trying to do a shawl from each one that I love! But none of those have made the list yet...I'm still deciding.

I won't say I'm ADD, Birdsong. I am, however, an optimist. I will indeed live to finish all these. Just wait and see!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Engage BRAIN First!

I'm such a dunce sometimes...I know what I'm going to make with this wondrous Koigu! Remember this? Traveling Vines Scarf? Well, I was including it in my UFO KAL list of things to finish - I had hoped to finish by December 31 but ended up frogging the entire thing because the yarn I used had too much acrylic in it for the lace! (it's a sock yarn, and I'm making socks now, so I'll use the yarn! Live and Learn!) Well, I'm going to make this scarf from the KOIGU I won thanks to Wendy being so generous on her birthday! (see photo below!) I think this yarn is perfect for Traveling Vines, what do you think?

Friday, January 06, 2006

Ideas? Two Skeins Koigu?

Help! I love this wonderful gift from Wendy but I would love your help deciding what to make with it! Leave me a comment with your ideas! Posted by Picasa

I Won A Contest! Wow! Thanks Wendy!

A week ago, I was visiting blogs and happened upon Wendy's just in time to learn that she was going to do a drawing from those folks who sent her an email wishing her Happy Birthday. I tend to identify with Wendy...not because I'm even CLOSE to being the amazing knitter she is, but because of her fondness for her sealpoint Ragdoll kitty, Lucy (I'm sure you've noticed my sealpoint Siamese at least a time or two on these pages). Lucy is the most photogenic kitty I've ever seen, tho' The Meezer runs a close second! So I thought that The Meezer and I should pay our respects to Wendy and Lucy on this special day. Well...Wendy had a change of heart over the weekend and instead of drawing ONE name she drew FIVE and I was number 4! She sent me the lovely Koigu yarn in color #319 you see above. Now just how Wendy knew that I would love these colors, I have no idea...but I do! Olives, taupes, lavender and colors for spring! What she didn't know is that I've NEVER knit Koigu, but have always wanted to...I'm still thinking what to make of these two lovely skeins so if you have an idea let me know?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Adjusting to Reality...

Christy wrote an interesting post on Knitters At Work the other day. We'd been discussing everyone's propensity on the blogs to list their knitting accomplishments for the year just past, and the fact that so many people do so MUCH knitting (and a lot of it really high-quality stuff, too), it's a bit mind-boggling and somewhat intimidating, too. Christy's post about accepting who we are and our present life stages brought up the point that often we have to accept the fact that a lot of life is out of our immediate control.

We've certainly seen a lot of evidence of this over the past few years: hurricanes like Katrina and tsunamis, coal mine tragedies, wars that seem to drag on interminably, terrorism and such. In our personal lives, things have a way of jumping in and waylaying us just when we thought we had everything figured out. But Christy reminded that sometimes there's a serendipity to that, too, as in snow days. Just think of the fun you had as a kid when "life" got in the way of what you had planned and dumped several inches of the white stuff, closing schools and making it possible to spend the day just sliding down a hillside over and over again...

Well, Christy really got me to thinking about the fact that even tho' there are a lot of things in life I want to control - to the extent of "white knuckling" every last possible event of the day with short, shallow, tense breath - there have been a bunch of them recently that just refused my intervention (and don't think I didn't try very, very hard to make them do what I wanted!).

In December, I committed to reading Tess of the d'Urbervilles in the Knit the Classics KAL. I also committed to knitting something red for Tess, which I managed to do (see photo below). The book, however, remains unread.

There's a reason for this. I don't see well enough any longer to read for extended periods. While I can still see well enough to manuever through my life and while I dearly love to read, reading for pleasure is no longer an option. The fact is, I need my reading eyes for work, and that's essentially where reading will stay.

Lots of folks have suggested books-on-tape. And today, finally, I said, okay I give in. If Christy hadn't been the friend she has been, if I hadn't read and ruminated upon her post to the Knitters At Work group, I might not have come to this even now...I've fought it so hard for almost 2 years. And for what? Vanity? I don't know the answer to that one.

So I've reserved Tess and January's book for Knit the Classics, Mrs. Dalloway, both of them on tape, at my library.

And you know what? In the spirit of "making lemons out of lemonade" and that serendipity that Christy was talking about? Well, it just dawned on me that I can listen to the books on tape and knit at the same time! That's called multi-tasking, isn't it?

Oh, and for Mrs. Dalloway? I think I'm going to be knitting a rose pin, the free pattern for which I discovered on Sarah's Yarn Box. It looks quite fast and relatively easy (quite imperative this busy first month of the year)...and uses stash yarn, to boot! What could be better?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Something Red for Tess/KnitRed/Aibhlinn KALS

I feel as if I should have a floor-length cape and be heading across the moors in search of Heathcliff! (oops, wrong story...) They are both done and while I do not take the best photos of myself, here they are in all their glory - Aibhlinn and Voodoo knitted in Plymouth Encore DK in a black/cranberry tweed...and I'm already planning my third Aibhlinn - I just love this pattern so! Posted by Picasa


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