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Friday, January 06, 2006

I Won A Contest! Wow! Thanks Wendy!

A week ago, I was visiting blogs and happened upon Wendy's just in time to learn that she was going to do a drawing from those folks who sent her an email wishing her Happy Birthday. I tend to identify with Wendy...not because I'm even CLOSE to being the amazing knitter she is, but because of her fondness for her sealpoint Ragdoll kitty, Lucy (I'm sure you've noticed my sealpoint Siamese at least a time or two on these pages). Lucy is the most photogenic kitty I've ever seen, tho' The Meezer runs a close second! So I thought that The Meezer and I should pay our respects to Wendy and Lucy on this special day. Well...Wendy had a change of heart over the weekend and instead of drawing ONE name she drew FIVE and I was number 4! She sent me the lovely Koigu yarn in color #319 you see above. Now just how Wendy knew that I would love these colors, I have no idea...but I do! Olives, taupes, lavender and colors for spring! What she didn't know is that I've NEVER knit Koigu, but have always wanted to...I'm still thinking what to make of these two lovely skeins so if you have an idea let me know?


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