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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Stressed is Just Desserts Spelled Backwards!

After yesterday's post on my backlog, I probably shouldn't be admitting this, but I am stressed! This weekend is another very special time for the MFMPPF and myself, and I'm trying to tie up loose ends before I depart for a lovely visit. What that means is, desperately trying to make my employer and my bookkeeping clients happy (it's W-2 season!), arranging for kitties to be cared for, as well as all the miscellaneous laundry and packing stuff to do. So. What do you think I tossed into the mix?

Well...besides the Diamond Fantasy Shawl and the Steelers Aibhlinn, I remember mentioning at the end of yesterday's post that I was knitting Toe-Up socks through an on-line class, right?

Do you know, someone who has never knitted socks or a sweater can very quickly be driven insane by something called a "short row" and how to knit this. The instructions from the school were less than helpful, Jane wrote what I'm sure was an excellent explanation, however I need to SEE it to understand (but she gave me a clue that I was REALLY doing something very wrong) and even Knitting Help wasn't cutting it either.

Enter a new pal from my local knitting group, Rae. She suggested I do a search on line for help and what did I find? Knitty's article written by none other than someone dear to my heart this month: Wendy.

I think I just might survive this class, make a pair of toe-up socks, get through this (short) week at work, AND make it to a very important date this weekend without losing my mind!

THANK YOU WENDY! You're going to make it possible for me to believe that Stressed IS just Desserts spelled backwards!


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