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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday ALREADY?

Ok...this is a rare question from me: Where the HECK did the workweek go?

{I'll wait while you pick yourself up off the floor, okay?}

I know where mine went, actually: Monday was a holiday and I spent most of it driving home from DC; Tuesday I was felled by the sinus infection from H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks and spent the entire day in bed (and yes, WMATA, I'm blaming you for that, too!); Wednesday I worked out of the office (again being on the road a good bit of the day) then came home and crashed with knitting; today? My office saw me for the first time all week! Wow! (ok, they weren't all that exuberant but I can pretend, now, can't I? Not to worry, since they know I'll be doing payroll tomorrow, they'll be really happy when I walk thru the door!)
Fortunately yesterday, I wasn't the driver for most of the trip, so I was able to knit...on the Senator Mark Warner hat for Warm Hats Not Hot Heads:

I finished it tonight!

Thank you, Karen, for your lovely modeling of the item in question. So that makes three hats for the cause - and all of my immediate representatives covered.

But we're so close to having enough hats to give every single Senator, that a new call went out amongst the Knitters for Civility in Government (as I've come to think of us) that I made a mental note to come home and check my stash. IF there was something suitable for another worsted weight hat, I'd volunteer for one more.

I found a nice skein of vintage Lion Brand Wool Ease in a nice tweed: black and white. I adore this yarn, and have a wonderful K1P1 ribbed scarf (with fringe, no less) that I made myself in the late 1990s. Yes, it's that vintage.

And I'm about 1/3 of the way through the hat tonight...

If I feel as rough tomorrow night as I do tonight? I'll get quite a bit done. My brain is beginning to think this Seaman's Cap pattern is second nature now...and since k1p2 is about the most my brain fog can comprehend, that's a good thing!

Won't you join us? I'll bet there's a Congressional representative who'd love a hat knit by you!


Anonymous twinsetellen said...

I am loving all of your hats!

and I am loving that it is now Friday!!!

8:53 PM  
Anonymous AlisonH said...

Very, very nice. Well done! I confess to buying more manly colors at the yarn store today: funny how the lace shawls thing has taken over my stash the last several years.

9:00 PM  

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