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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday!

I don't often participate in this, but I saw Carole posted this morning, and thought, "Well, I can do that!"

She suggested we share 10 blogs that aren't knitting related. I have a huge interest in the environment and then there's the romantic in me. So most of these have to do with those influences:

1. I love Suzanne Duda's blog because it speaks to the pink-roses, lace, and romance part of me. I sigh a little every time I visit...

2. And the White Bench is much the same, from the perspective of chippy white paint, white roses, and vintage style (especially those vintage teddy bears)

3. There's a part of me that can totally relate to the sudden loss of a job and trying to put your life back together, even if I can't relate to it when one has more than one home to live in, but I enjoy Dominique's writing and she's developing themes of environmental action that appeal to me.

4. I've mentioned Jude's blog before, and I still go for the eye candy. Her slow cloths are fascinating to watch as they are developed. I also enjoy her gray cat, Was.

5. On a "green" or environmental front, Crafting a Green World is a thought-provoking spot with tons of ideas on reusing items in our crafting. Sometimes there are knitting projects, but far more frequently, it's something out of the ordinary!

6. Of course, there's still this part of me that would love to pull up stakes, shed pounds of stuff and live life in a Vintage Cottage Camper...ah, the stuff of living small dreams...

7. Which brings to mind the Tiny House Blog. Some of the neatest places to live and truly, a blog after mine own if I can figure a way to have a tiny house, on wheels, all in pink roses and lace? I'm outta here...!

8. Of course, that sort of life would be more compatible with a green lifestyle (ok, except for the gasoline to pull the camper) that's in keeping with the philosophy of the gals behind The Green Phone Booth.

9. And I'm still looking, all the time, at reducing expenses, and one of my biggest discretionary spending category is food. As such, I stop by Cheap Healthy Good for ideas.

10. But my absolute favorite food blog is Fat Free Vegan. I'm not a vegan, nor do I live completely fat free, but I have to tell you, these recipes? They are GOOD!

So there's my list of non-knitting blogs...what are YOURS?


Blogger Carole Knits said...

I'm getting lots of new blogs to check out today!

2:16 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Ack! Not more blogs to read! ;) That's a great list to check out!

11:52 AM  
Blogger 17th stitch said...

Now I'm a fan of Suzanne, too! (Just lost 20 minutes of time to scanning her blog...)

9:14 PM  

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