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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Four! (And I'm Not Playing Golf!)

And yes, I know that's technically "Fore" if I'm golfing it (oh, wait, am I right? It's been a long long time since college golf class - which was hysterical as I'm just so not a sportswoman, but once again, I digress...)

Four. As in Hats. Warm Hats. Not Hot Heads.

Karen looks lovely in this spiffy vintage number I just whipped up the end of this week. That's an almost antique Lion Brand Wool Ease (at least 15 years old, and maybe more) in a colorway called Midnight - a black with white "tweedy bits" - and the old standby Seaman's Cap. I really have tried to do something else, but this style is classic and works up quickly. It also makes a good warm hat.

So now there are four ready to ship out on Monday:

Who's my fourth one for? We had almost total coverage of the Senate, so I volunteered to do one more for a senator from another state. In my case I was awarded Senator Enzi from Wyoming.

And we made it not only to Boston Public Radio (On Point), but also to Minnesota CBS television - congrats go to Twinset Ellen for winning a surprise Making A Difference segment (and $500!).

You know what? For anyone still shaking their heads and thinking this is a less than productive way to go? I give you that as evidence that it is, indeed, a productive and positive action to take. We are indeed making a difference, and it's got to be very validating to both Alison and Ellen who dreamed this up to see that the knitters have stepped up and done more than their share of this, and that folks who do this every day find it worthy of "Making a Difference."

And I can't think of better gals to have this happen to. I'm so glad they allowed me along for the ride!

(btw...I've spent several days with a lousy sinus infection - and learned yesterday that Big Sis has the same thing, and we both blame WMATA for it! might as well, we can't blame each other, and it is surely someone's fault! - yesterday and today have been spent quietly and with needles today as laryngitis has struck. There are people reading this with a smile on their faces, as yes, once in awhile I do have to shut up.)


Anonymous twinsetellen said...

The last one is just as great a cap as the first three. They are all four (almost typed fore!) great!

Thanks for being such a big part of this, Sallee. I think you lost your voice because you've had such a big voice in promoting this! Do take care and get better fast.

3:39 PM  

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